Students Send Care Package to Soldiers in Iraq and Receive Patriotic Gift in Return

Students watch as John Oldroyd raises a US flag he brought the kids. Second-grade students at Rosamond Elementary School knew their fellow classmate’s dad was an Army helicopter pilot serving in Iraq. So in honor of Veteran’s Day, they decided to put together a care package and send it to John Oldroyd and his General Support Aviation Battalion stationed in Taji, Iraq, just north of Baghdad.

Members of Mr. Oldroyd’s Army battalion were so thrilled with the care package and the letters of love and support that came with the package, they decided to do something to show their appreciation to the Rosamond second graders.

US soldiers hold up gifts sent by Rosamond Elementary students.

John Oldroyd and a few other pilots took to the skies over Iraq and flew an American flag in honor of the Rosamond students. Then they sent the flag to the school.

John Oldroyd just returned home from deployment and joined his son, John Oldroyd the II, at school. Together, with the second-grade class, they conducted a small flag-raising ceremony outside of Rosamond to fly the special American flag that was a gift from soldiers.

Thank you to the men and women who serve and sacrifice for our freedom every day.