Falcon Ridge Elementary Student Featured in National Publication

Picture of SarahIf you ask Sarah Bullock if it’s OK for kids to stay up late during school breaks – like summer break – she definitely has an opinion. Sarah, a Falcon Ridge Elementary School student shared that opinion with the April edition of ‘Scholastic News,’ and her opinion writing was published.

The article asked “Is It OK to Stay Up Late During School Breaks? One 4th grade student from Michigan replied, yes! Jared She said, in part, “When we’re not in school we deserve a break from our normal routine. It also gives us more time to spend with family.”

Falcon Ridge Elementary’s Sarah Bullock replied, no! Sarah said “during breaks, kids should stick to their usual bedtime. If you go to bed late and sleep in over break, your body will get used to that routine. Then it will be hard to get up early once school starts again. Plus, researchers have found that kids who go to bed after 9 p.m. are less likely to get enough rest. That can make you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. It can also lead to health issues. I sometime get headaches if I stay up late.”

Keep up the great writing, Sarah and keep getting enough sleep!