FUN FACT FRIDAY: Custodians Hard At Work on Summer Cleaning Projects

Custodians polish flood at West Jordan High School. There is no summer break for custodians in Jordan School District who do some of their hardest work in the heat of summer.

Our custodians, along with summer sweepers, have been cleaning more than 7 million square feet of building space District-wide including carpets, floors, desks, chairs, bathrooms and light fixtures. That is like cleaning about 2,800 average sized homes! They also clean more than 25,000 lockers inside and out at our secondary schools alone. And if you walk into any gymnasium, you know the floors absolutely shine because of summer refinishing and polishing work that is done. This summer, custodians will clean and polish about 200,000 square feet of floor using 485 gallons of finish and 390 gallons of base coat over the summer months.

Outside there is plenty of work going on as well as crews tend to more than 1,000 acres of grass, playground and playing field space.

We appreciate the hard work of our custodians over the summer months and throughout the year. Thank you for making our schools and offices such a welcoming place for students, staff and patrons.