Fox Hollow Teachers Come Together with Fun Theme to Begin the New School Year – “Improving Our Operating Practice”

Teachers with medical masksIt looked something like a gathering of unique medical professionals. Instead, it was teachers coming together at Fox Hollow Elementary School participating in professional development with the theme “Improving Our Operating Practice.” Principal Kevin Pullen and Assistant Principal Beverly Griffith came up with the idea to start the new school year.

Teachers began their training as students and were taught a Chinese lesson by a DLI colleague, Christina Ma, from Eastlake Elementary. She modeled best practices and emphasized the importance of “I do, we do, you do” and stressed the importance of always checking for student understanding. Then the teachers became “doctors” and were instructed in the PLC cycle, RTI procedures, diagnosing students’ difficulties, prescribing appropriate interventions, and other business items relating to the opening of a school year. Teachers also had the opportunity to play OPERATION and highlight their work with markers resembling syringes.

We hope the “doctor’s diagnosis” for Fox Hollow Elementary School is a healthy, happy, safe and successful school year!