Elementary School Teachers Try Goat Yoga in the Gym Hoping to Relax Before Hectic School Year Begins

Teachers doing goat yogaSome teachers at Columbia Elementary School were all smiles as a bunch of small barnyard goats made a stop at the school Friday morning. The teachers agreed to participate in Goat Yoga. It’s an idea from Principal Abe Yospe who jokingly convinced students last year that he kept pet goats in the non-existent basement of the school. Joking aside, Mr. Yosbe just wanted teachers in the Goat Yoga class to share some laughs and get relaxed and ready for the school year by trying something new. And it worked!

The adorable goats did manage to take some stress out of teachers getting ready for the first day of school. The furry friends wasted no time climbing on the teachers’ backs, snuggling up to teachers and tag teaming some teachers who found themselves in a yoga position with two or three goats on their backs at a time.

It was such fun to see the smiles all around. Have a wonderful, safe and successful school year Columbia Elementary – and keep smiling!