Oquirrh Hills Middle School Teacher Receives State Recognition

Ms. Patty and co-workersShe makes learning fun and her tireless dedication to students is getting teacher Nicole Patty from Oquirrh Hills Middle School State recognition.

Ms. Patty was selected as the teacher spotlight for Heath and Physical Education from the Utah State Board of Education.

The individual who nominated Ms. Patty for the prestigious award said, “She is amazing! She teaches the kids real life information and makes it applicable to their daily lives.  She teaches in a fun way and creates assignments where parents and students have to discuss the aspects of what they are talking about in class.  She keeps parents apprised of what is being discussed in class so that sensitive topics can be discussed with parents too. She is great!”

Teachers and staff at Oquirrh Hills Middle School are thrilled to see this recognition for such a deserving teacher. They say Ms. Patty is amazing and an absolute asset to OHMS.

Congratulations, Ms. Patty!