JATC North Aviation Class Takes Flight as Part of Delta Airlines ‘Girls in Aviation Day’

Airline Pilot students at NASAIt was a ond-day trip of a lifetime for some students enrolled in the Aircraft Pilot program at JATC North. They were invited by Delta Airlines to participate in ‘Girls in Aviation Day.’ It was a day designed to get more females interested in becoming airline pilots. Aircraft Pilot teacher, Fiona Silcox said nine girls in her class were treated to an all expenses paid flight to Houston, Texas for a day of fun and experiencing what it is like to be a pilot and to work in the aviation industry. The Delta 737 plane making the trip had an all female flight crew with about 100 girls on board from around the State of Utah. Once they landed in Houston, the students were treated to a tour of the Johnson Space Center, the Space Center Museum and NASA Space Mission Control Center. They also had the opportunity to meet and talk to a female astronaut.

We wish these young ladies the best as they pursue their future careers.