South Valley Student’s Paintings Raise Money to Help Build Indoor Amusement Park for Students with Disabilities

Kimmie Hansen holds up art work Kimmie Hansen is a South Valley student who loves life and has a passion for painting. Now Kimmie is using her talents to support the building of an indoor amusement park for students with disabilities in Eagle Mountain. At a recent auction, three of Kimmie’s paintings sold for $5,000 – money that will go toward the building of the indoor amusement park.

While Kimmie is constantly looking for ways to help others, she lives one day at a time. You see Kimmie has a rare seizure disorder and a syndrome that blocks her intestines, both are slowly taking her life. But this young lady doesn’t let that get in the way of making a difference in the lives of others every single day.

Here is Kimmie’s story reported by Fox 13 News.