Do You Know the Difference Between Being Comfortable and Being Happy?

Smiling family outside their houseIf you are like most people, you make the mistake of using the word “happy” to describe comfort or convenience rather than fulfillment. We believe that a nicer house, a different job, a bigger closet, better weather, a better car, or nicer clothes would help us be happier. In reality, most of our wants only help us feel more comfortable and do not necessarily make us happier.

In fact, researchers estimate that our “circumstances” (cars, houses, jobs, or how comfortably we live) only account for about 10% of happiness. Though it may not make your life more comfortable, or earn you any money; nurturing relationships with friends, neighbors, and family members is a much better investment in your happiness than working long hours to make more money.

As you work towards your own wellbeing, remember this difference and pause to consider: Is this going to make me more comfortable, or will it make me happier?

They are not the same thing.

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