Wellness Wednesday: Stop, Slow Down, and Smell the Snickers

Jack-O-Lantern buckets filled with candyYou may not like Snickers, and that’s okay, you can still fulfill this Halloween wellness challenge.

This is a challenge to savor the moment and be present (including putting the phone down) whether you are laughing with a friend, entering a costume contest, enjoying a sweet treat, or meeting a new neighbor. An essential part of reaping the wellness benefits of positive moments is savoring and recognizing them while experiencing them. Without an occasional, focused pause you may miss the benefits of positive experiences.

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to savor each positive moment that may come your way this Halloween. Rather than quickly devouring piles and piles of candy, or quickly shuffling from door to door gathering candy, try and hang on to a positive moment or experience and fully engage. Savoring is a practice and a strategy that will help you feel more fulfilled in everyday life moments that may seem…well, “everyday.”

Opportunities to savor surround us, so engage with the world, pause for a few moments this Halloween, and have a great week!