WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: Home for the Holidays

Child reading a book outside a windowOne of the biggest secrets to a happier life is focusing on what you can give, rather than what you should receive. Holiday shopping and gift-giving can be stressful and distracting from what we are truly trying to “give” each holiday season.

While things like baby yodas, movies, hoverboards, video games, phones, and toys are all exciting – what we can truly give this holiday season is our time and attention to those around us.

Having a “home” means having somewhere to feel safe. Having a “home” means that we feel surrounded by people who care about us.

Our challenge to the students and families this holiday season is to offer a “home,” a sense of connection and caring. We hope that each of our students and their families use the time over winter recess connecting with each other, reaching out to friends, and creating a “home” for those around us this holiday season.

How will you offer a “home” to others for the holidays?

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