Southland STEAM Night Fun and Educational for Families

Students doing STEAM activityIt was a night focused on family fun through hands-on learning in a variety of creative ways. About 228 students and their families attended the STEAM night at Southland Elementary School. Rooms were set up for activities in Science, Technology, Emotional Wellness, Art and Math (STEAM.) All students were given a punch card and encouraged to visit each room with their family members. The punch cards were traded for a prize at the end of the night.

STEAM Night included the following:

  • Science & Engineering Activities ranged from building a model from tongue depressors and rubber bands to playing the piano with bananas and a computer
  • Technology Participants were taken through a Nearpod presentation where they learned about all of the technology software that students have access to and how it
    enhances their learning.
  • Emotional Wellness The school’s guidance counselor discussed all areas of student mental health including how to help your child deal with grief – internet and
    computer safety, how to build a healthy relationship with your student and more.
  • Art Student art was displayed throughout the building for
    participants to enjoy.
  • Math Mathnasium showed families simple math games that
    they can recreate at home with supplies found around the house.

Thanks to everyone who participated making STEAM night such a success!