WELLNESS WEDNESDAY:  How to KEEP New Year’s Resolutions

Wellness Wednesday photo and logoWillpower or “trying harder” is not enough to keep us on track toward our goals in the new year. The last few weeks we shared a few ideas to make resolutions easier and more enjoyable to maintain. This week we focus on how to make your resolutions IRRESISTABLE.

There is an interesting example of this called the “Irresistible Staircase.” A company in Washington wanted to do more than put up banners encouraging employees to use the stairs. They completely restructured the work environment to make the stairs much more enticing than the elevator. They created a beautiful staircase right as you walked in, which provided amazing views of the city. They even put items that would be a draw to get employees in the stairwell like snacks and a water cooler. In order to take the elevator, employees had to walk past this beautiful, “Irresistible Staircase” and miss out on all the enticing things that were happening on the stairs.

A new goal sticks when we take the time to re-structure our environment and make keeping it MORE enticing than not keeping it. For example, If you have set a goal to eat healthier, give yourself LOTS of enticing, healthy options that are at your fingertips. Then, make it extremely difficult to get to your secret stash of sweets. If all you have to do is open your pantry to get to the chocolate, then your willpower will not keep you away. If you bury the chocolate in the backyard and have several healthy snack stations along the way to unbury the chocolate, then you have just taken a step to making your new healthy eating goal irresistible. Plus, you’ll probably have some fun burying your chocolate.

We hope you have a wonderful week and that you’ve been able to stick to your new goals, if not, try a new strategy this week and see how it goes.