WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: How to KEEP New Year’s Resolutions in 2020

A notepad with pen ready to write resolutionsAs we begin 2020, many students and families have set exciting new goals for this year. Each Wellness Wednesday post through the month of January will provide some quick tips for actually keeping those resolutions. These tips are guided by research on how people form and maintain both healthy and unhealthy habits.

This week’s tip: Renewed motivation, or willpower, isn’t enough to keep you committed.

Committing to “try harder” will almost always fail. Instead, it’s best to find ways to make your new commitments easier to stick with. We can start by asking this honest question – How can I make this commitment easier to maintain?

Here is an example, if you’ve committed to a new exercise routine, try sleeping in your exercise clothes and preparing your breakfast the night before. Then, when your alarm goes off to exercise, you aren’t just relying on your willpower at 6 AM (which will always be weak). Those two simple steps will eliminate some of your quickest excuses and make it easier to get out the door.

Next week, we will have more examples and strategies for making our commitments more enjoyable, so stay tuned!