WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: How to KEEP New Year’s Resolutions

A notepad with pen ready to write resolutionsWillpower or “trying harder” is not enough to keep us on track toward our goals. Last week we provided a few ideas to make our resolutions easier to stick with, this week we will discuss ways to make them more enjoyable.

One strategy is called “temptation bundling.” If we bundle or combine something that we enjoy with the behavior we are trying to motivate, it can make the change more enjoyable. If you are trying to create a new exercise habit, first find an exercise routine that you actually enjoy! If that’s still hard to find, pick a habit or routine you DO enjoy, one that you can combine with your new exercise routine. This could be a specific type of audiobook or TV show that you can only listen to or watch while doing your new exercise until you get used to it. It could also be a specific food that you reward yourself with after the exercise or a certain friend or person you don’t get to see often that you can exercise with.

It’s important to find some way to combine what you enjoy with what you are trying to do, otherwise you won’t last more than a few weeks with these important new goals you’ve set!

We hope you are enjoying your new, healthier routines to kick off 2020!