WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: It’s the Everyday That Matters Most

How we interact with one another in everyday moments makes the biggest difference in the quality of our relationships. Many people make the mistake of focusing on the “BIG” moments like a wedding or an engagement.

In reality, all relationships are built out of small, everyday interactions. One strategy that will help you improve your everyday interactions is called Active Constructive Responding.

There are many ways to respond to others when they talk to us and how we respond does make a difference.

Although we should all work toward Active Constructive Responding, there are also passive constructive, passive destructive, and active destructive ways to respond.

Here is an example: Let’s pretend that someone you care about just came to you and told you that they passed their math class.

 Here are four different ways you could respond:

  1. “Oh, cool, good for you.” (Passive Constructive)
  2. “Wow! I’m so proud of you. Was that a lot of work for you? (Active Constructive)
  3. “YOU passed math? That’s a surprise.” (Passive Destructive)
  4. “I got 100% and didn’t even study, that’s funny that you are proud of yourself for passing, that class is easy.” (Active Destructive)

Every day we are faced with opportunities to respond a little bit differently. If each of us could work toward more active, constructive responding, our relationships will improve!

Have a great week, and be well!