Social Distancing Information From the Utah State Board of Education

Project AWARE FlyerStaying home from school, away from friends, and normal activities can feel really hard.

Being social helps us manage stress and stay mentally healthy. When we are distanced from friends it can lead to feelings of worry, depression, & loneliness.

Here are some tips that can help

  1. Keep a regular routine for sleeping, eating, exercise, hygiene, study, and play.
  2. Find ways to be productive with cleaning, classwork, and goals.
  3. Use social media, texting, or video chat for fun & connections.
  4. Find uplifting music, shows, and books to keep you occupied; spend time outside or with a pet.
  5. Keep a daily journal to track what you are grateful for.
  6. Take a break from the news if it is causing you to worry.
  7. Stretch, exercise, and take deep breaths to feel calmer.
  8. Talk about how you are feeling with family, friends or check in with a counselor using telehealth.
  9. Use the SafeUT app and chat with a crisis counselor.
  10. Remember that this situation is temporary, and that we are a in this together. Offer kindness to others.