WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: You Are a Warrior, Not “Just” a Worrier

Wellness WednesdayIt’s pretty clear that every student and family in Jordan School District deserves a pat on the back right now. You’ve made it through a month of adapting to a situation you’ve never been faced with before.

The good news is, you’ve already proven that you are a Warrior when it comes to managing difficult situations. It’s normal to be worried about what the future holds. The most important question is not why we feel worried or anxious – because anxiety is an understandable feeling.  The most important question to answer during this unique time is why don’t I feel anxious sometimes? The answer to this question will prove to you that you have dealt with this difficult feeling and been victorious.

This battle with worry is one that you have won MANY TIMES before without even recognizing that you have. You’ve made it through one of the most difficult months any of us have faced with COVID-19, great job!

You want proof that you have already gotten pretty good at winning this battle with worry? That you ARE in fact a Warrior?

Over the past month I’m sure that most of you have driven on a freeway at 70+ miles per hour without thinking twice about it. If you were to bring along some of your ancestors for that same journey they would likely lose their minds worrying about the speeding cars, switching lanes, merging, and everything else that we have come to find completely comfortable. Pretty soon you will be able to look back at this new normal and will be able to see that you have proven yourself, once again, to be a Warrior. A Warrior who worried sometimes, but who wouldn’t in this situation? The best part is, we are going to make it.

You aren’t broken because you feel anxious, you are stronger because you have faced it.

For additional resources on increasing your skills that could help reduce anxiety, check out our website wellness.jordandistrict.org where we have a page dedicated to understanding and managing anxiety as well as several free resources for increasing yours and your family’s social and emotional learning skills.

We hope you stay healthy! Have a great week!