WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: Life Happens for You, Not to You

Wellness WednesdayMost would agree, this is a very difficult way to end the school year. Traditional end-of-year school celebrations, graduation ceremonies, dances, yearbook signings, and other events have been missed and no doubt this has been hard for students and families.

The idea that everything in life happens for you rather than to you is popularized by Tony Robbins. What does this mean at a time like this? There is no getting around the fact that students and families found themselves dealing with a very difficult life circumstance due to COVID-19. But how we view the inevitable challenge that we’ve been forced to face can alter our reaction and subsequent action.

If we do our best to see how this change happened for us, then we find small ways to improve ourselves as we adapt to this challenge. Maybe this means strengthening relationships with a few close family members. Maybe this means beginning a new exercise routine (a daily walk is free of charge!) Maybe it means taking the time to organize and declutter a room. Maybe it means taking the time to learn new skills, pursue a new hobby, or read a book.

This week’s wellness challenge is to make a small effort that will help students and families experience some benefit from this difficult end of school year. If this experience is happening for us then we will act in ways that will allow us to look back on this difficult time with dignity, appreciation, growth, and personal strength.

Be well! Have a great week!