Students Design and Launch Rockets as Part of Unique Summer STEM Program

It is not a typical summer of rest and relaxation for some middle school students in Jordan School District. That’s because they are immersed in abstract reasoning, problem-solving, computer science, statistics, engineering and mind-challenging math equations. It is part of something called the Prefreshman Engineering Program (PREP), which is an academically rigorous mathematics-based summer enrichment program.

The program runs for six weeks over the summer, with students dedicated to 4-hours of interactive, online lessons each day. It is aimed at introducing teens to careers and opportunities in STEM-related fields. As part of PREP, students have the opportunity to attend STEM classes at Salt Lake Community College half days in their junior and senior years in high school.

The summer program culminated with students launching home-made rockets they designed using engineering skills.

Congratulations to the PREP students and teachers on a summer filled with success!