Checking in Can Save a Life

If you or a loved one were to get really sick, you would probably check in with your family physician for advice or a check-up. Why wait if it could restore your health and wellness or possibly save a life.

Mental health is no different. As we experience or see symptoms like withdrawal, isolation, unexplained anger, sadness, or other major changes, we should check in with loved ones as soon as possible. It could save a life.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, it’s a good time to check in on loved ones you aren’t normally worried about, because sometimes, social or emotional struggles may not be as obvious. Everyone could use a regular check-up, and taking the time to check-in is a really important component of health and wellness.

If you would like to “check-in” on your student’s mental health, we invite you to sign up for a FREE mental health screening. Go to to schedule a virtual appointment with a member of our team. Refer to our flier for details.

If you are concerned about your child, don’t hesitate to reach out for help from your school’s counselors, school psychologist, or school staff for additional support. It’s always a good time to check-in and see how things are going in order to keep each other healthy during this challenging time.

We hope you stay healthy and well!