Monte Vista Opens School Wellness Center for Students and Staff

Tents set up in the Wellness Center With all that is happening in the world, the Monte Vista Elementary School community thought there was no better time to open a school Wellness Center. The Center is open to students as a place where they can go for a 10-minute break to relieve stress or worries before going back to their classrooms. With partial funding from the School Community Council, Monte Vista’s administration hired Jodee Packer as a full-time “social and emotional learning teacher specialist” for the Center. Ms. Packer keeps data on all the students who come into the room to tailor how she connects with each student.

Mosta Vista’s Principal Nanette Ririe says with just a few weeks into the school year, she sees how the new Center is helping students. There are fewer teachers referring students to the office, and reported playground confrontations have almost disappeared. The hope is that the lessons students learn in the Wellness Center will translate to more self-confidence, resilience, and focus in the classroom.

Principal Ririe says the Wellness Center is not only for students but also for the school’s staff. The Center is open before and after school as a place for staff to relax and unwind. Gentle music and soft lighting help foster an area where people can get away from everyday life stress.

Great job to Monte Vista’s community, staff, and administration for building a peaceful place for self-care.