Recognizing National Suicide Prevention Month – A Message from Our Health & Wellness Team

Image of Crisis LineThis month is National Suicide Prevention Month and to recognize this important cause, the Jordan School District Health and Wellness team is sharing valuable resources for suicide prevention.

The most important message during National Suicide Prevention Month is that there is hope, there is help available, and there is healing for all individuals who may struggle with thoughts of hurting themselves. In fact, over 93% of people who have considered or tried taking their own life live among us. You see these people living happy, healthy lives around you every day. The overwhelming majority of people who have experienced that lowest point get better.

It’s important to be aware, informed, and cautious regarding suicide. However, having open and caring conversations with those that we love and care about is a great place to start.

Information and resources can be found regarding suicide prevention on our Wellness website, as well as Utah’s new website Live On Utah.

To download a detailed spreadsheet of all mental health providers in our Jordan District Community, instructions are included in the document.

If you have questions about specific resources for suicide, please email

We wish you the best and encourage each of you to connect with one another around the hopeful message that there is healing and help available for each of us.