Successful Medal-Winning Bobsled Athlete Inspires Students to Set Goals and Dream Big

Picture of virtual online class Second-grade teacher, Lori Gammon, is always looking for ways to engage her students and make online, virtual learning fun. Recently she did it with the help of someone who has made a career out of racing down a narrow, twisting, ice-covered track in a gravity-powered sleigh at speeds up to 70 miles an hour. Jeremy Holm is a successful, medal-winning Bobsled athlete and he joined Ms. Gammon’s online class to share a message on how to become a champion in life. Mr. Holm told students to never be afraid to have big dreams and goals, to keep looking forward (even in challenging times), to always help others and to remember that even champions make mistakes. Mr. Holm even took students on a virtual ride down the bobsled track in Park City.

Ms. Gammon wanted each student to feel like a champion so she sent everyone a gold medal and certificate hoping to inspire them to follow their dreams, set goals and be successful.

The students are making a huge thank you card for Jeremy Holm to let him know he helped to make virtual learning and a lesson in finding success fun!