New Process for Schools Going Virtual

In their meeting on Nov.24, the Board of Education voted on new protocols for moving schools temporarily from in-person to virtual learning. The Board has authorized the District administration to move a school to virtual learning when it meets one of the following thresholds two weekdays in a row (not over a weekend or a break):

  • Number of active student and staff cases reaches 15 or 1% of the in-person population at the school (whichever is higher).
  • Percentage of students and staff on quarantine reaches 10%.
  • Student absenteeism rate reaches 20%. (in-person)

The first day that a school reaches any of the thresholds listed above will be considered an “alert day.” The District administration will contact the school administration, ask clarifying questions, discuss any mitigating circumstances, and verify the data. A message will then be sent to staff and parents.

The day after an alert day, a follow-up message will be sent to indicate whether the school will be going virtual the next day. School circumstances will be taken into account before a final decision is made, but schools that reach the same threshold two weekdays in a row (not over a weekend or a break) should generally anticipate switching to virtual learning.

  • Additional Information:
  • The two weekday protocol is intended to provide notice that a school will potentially be moved to virtual learning.
  • Unique situations will be taken into account before final determinations are made regarding a school’s in-person or virtual status.
  • The timing for moving to virtual learning will depend on when the school meets the established thresholds. Final decisions will be made by the district administration after consulting with the school administration.
  • As per the County Health Department, active case numbers are reset to zero after a school has been on virtual learning for 14 calendar days.
  • Quarantine numbers include only students who have been quarantined by the health department through contact tracing at the school.
  • The student absenteeism rate is calculated based on students who are expected to be attending school in person.
  • In rare instances, in consultation with the school administration, a school may be switched to virtual learning based on circumstances not related to the three criteria listed above. Doing so would generally require an emergency meeting of the Board of Education.