Kauri Sue Hamilton Student Surprised by Personal Video Message from His “This Old House” Hero and Friend, Tom Silva

He is a curious 13-year-old Kauri Sue Hamilton student who is described as super sweet with a passion for something that just might surprise you. Hayden Farley simply loves the home improvement show “This Old House,” and is a huge fan of one of the show’s stars, general contractor Tom Silva. In fact, Hayden is so inspired by “This Old House,” his parents say it has been a motivating factor in Hayden doing well at school and in life.

Recently, Kauri Sue Assistant Principal Karl Mckenzie videotaped a message from Hayden which the school sent to “This Old House” and Tom Silva. It was a short time later, Hayden received the surprise of a lifetime. Not only did the show send a box filled with “This Old House” gifts including a Tom Silva bobblehead, they also sent a personal video message from Tom Silva to Hayden.

Hayden’s parents say the kindness of Tom Silva and staff at “This Old House” is something they will never forget and something that keeps motivating their son to work hard just like Tom Silva.

Enjoy this story reported by Fox 13’s Amy Nay.