Supercast Episode 78: Where in the World is WJHS Basketball Great Jordan Loveridge?

Jordan Loveridge takes a jump shotHe rose to the top of his game as a 6-foot-6 inch forward in basketball for the West Jordan High School Jaguars and was named 2012 5A Player of the Year leading the state in scoring and rebounding. Jordan Loveridge, or J-Love as he is known to some, also made a name for himself in the basketball program at the University of Utah where he became one of the top scorers in school history.

Today, at the age of 27, the West Jordan High grad is still making a name for himself playing professional basketball overseas. On this episode of the Supercast, we catch up with Jordan Loveridge who is currently playing pro ball in Finland. Find out how his time at West Jordan High helped him reach his goals and how life has changed with his superstar status abroad.