New Majestic Elementary Arts Academy Inspiring Young Student Artists

Picture of Student ArtworkIt is a school focused on visual and instrumental arts and already the new Majestic Elementary Arts Academy is bringing out the best in young students, encouraging creativity and bringing artistic talents to life.

Majestic Visual Art Specialist Ishel Brimhall Hertz says students have been showing incredible skill in the arts this year. They have studied art history, experimented with different tools, and enjoyed the innovative process of art making. Ms Brimhall Hertz says “Because of our school’s dedication to the arts, our students have felt seen and heard. Their artwork is beautiful and full of personal meaning. It is so amazing to know that our district cares so much about the arts. The support really is making a difference in our student’s lives.”

Keep up the inspiring work students and staff at Majestic Elementary Arts Academy!