Spanish Dual Immersion Classes at Riverside Elementary School Help to Create Colorful and Moving Dia de los Muertos Museum

Picture of student displaysIt is a celebration of both life and death and a chance to show love and respect for family members who have passed away. On Tuesday, Riverside Elementary School Spanish Dual Immersion classes helped to create a Dia de los Muertos Museum, organized by 3rd grade teacher Kathy Wride. Students were able to honor family members, including pets who have passed away, by creating alters for them. The alters were decorated with bright lights, colors, flowers, and photos of their loved ones, along with examples of their favorite foods or activities.

The displays were open to parents and members of the public who wanted to participate in Dia de los Muetos. Thank you to Kathy Wride and her team of teachers, along with so many talented students for creating such a moving event.