Elk Meadows Students Collect Cereal for Those in Need and Receive Fun Reward

Picture of students and cereal boxesThey set out to help other students in need and went above and beyond. Students at Elk Meadows Elementary School were hoping to collect a cereal box for from each student in the school to donate to the Utah Food Bank. The goal was to collect at least 700 boxes. Students surpassed that goal in a big way collecting more than 1,000 boxes of cereal.

Their reward for bringing a box from each student was to perform a huge school-wide domino event with all of the boxes. They lined the boxes of cereal around the entire inside of the school. Then, with the student body and staff watching, they knocked down the first box of cereal which created a domino effect of falling boxes from one end of the school, up and down hallways and back to the main office. The domino cereal game was a huge success along with the effort on the part of students to help others in need.

Way to go, Elk Meadows Elementary School!!!