Local Utah Company Steps Up to Support Needs of Refugee Children in Jordan School District

Picture of team donating beddingThey are families and children often sleeping on the floor without beds, pillows, warm blankets or bedding. The challenges for refugee families are many, but one local company is partnering with the Jordan Education Foundation in Jordan School District to provide some relief.

Beddy’s is a West Jordan based business which produces easy to use, one-piece zipper bedding sets. In an effort to provide bedding to children with urgent, immediate needs in their own community, Beddy’s is donating 150 bedding sets to students and families in the Jordan School District.

The bedding sets will be distributed to refugee and other families in need, along with 200 brand new beds as part of the Foundation’s “Bed ‘R Homes for Kids” campaign, which is changing lives for the better.

Thanks to everyone involved in this project helping students have a better night’s sleep so they can do better in school during the day.