Try Subtraction for Enhanced Wellness

Wellness Wednesday LogoToday’s wellness tip is a review of some simple math.

While there is no exact formula for improving our sense of wellness, sometimes it’s helpful to try a new method to solve life’s problems, just like a math problem that you might get stuck on.

The list of things to add to improve your wellness can be fairly easy to come up with: a little bit of exercise, more nutritious foods, time in the sun, practicing gratitude, meditation… you get the idea.

However, sometimes our wellness is a problem of subtraction, rather than addition. More stillness and contentment can often be achieved by removing something rather than adding. Removing social media or screen time that creates stress and distracts from important relationships, removing expenses or activities that are too much to manage, removing a meeting or appointment from your schedule that drains your energy; there are lots of examples of things that can be removed in modern life.

If you feel overwhelmed or stressed, it might be time to try subtraction and see if that can improve your overall wellness.