Herriman High School Embraces Growing Number of Refugee Students from Around the World

They are students coming from all over the world, Venezuela, Columbia, and Afghanistan to name a few. Herriman High School is seeing a growing number of refugees enrolling with significant language barriers.

To make sure the students feel welcome and at home at Herriman High, the FBLA club embarked on a project to create a “Bienvenido a Herriman” package, translating registration, club, sports, and “must have” school information into Spanish. In addition to the packets, the students secured a sponsorship from the Gates Foundation and Holiday Oil to create a permanent display of flags that represent the many cultural backgrounds of the student body.

The Hall of Flags, including 32 flags representing the home countries of students in the “Mustang Nation,” were revealed during a homecoming assembly on Tuesday.

Principal Todd Quarnberg also addressed the student body talking about the importance of embracing and taking care of everyone coming to the “Mustang Nation.”