Ridge View Principal Meredith Doleac is Named “Outstanding Principal of the Year”

She is the principal of the fast-growing Ridge View Elementary School in Herriman and Meredith Doleac was recently surprised in a big way by her family, friends, students, staff, superintendent Godfrey and the Jordan Education Foundation. Ms. Doleac was named the 2023 “Outstanding Principal of the Year,” by the foundation.

She was selected, in part, for being an authentic leader for students, putting them at the center of every decision and advocating for what is in their best interest. Ms. Doleac takes time to listen, discuss, and validate in a calm and positive way with anyone she encounters. Another quality that many admire about Ms. Doleac, is that she is a natural mentor working collaboratively with a respect for her colleagues.

Congratulations, Principal Doleac! Keep up the great work helping to make students succeed each and every day.