Unlock Free Fun: Salt Lake County Launches New Rec Pass for Kids and Teens

The new “My County Rec Pass” is an exciting opportunity for young residents of Salt Lake County (ages 5-18) to enjoy recreational activities throughout the year at no cost.

The My County Rec Pass is an all-access ticket to make a splash in any of the 18 swimming pools, glide at the three ice centers, reach new heights on the two climbing walls, and stay in shape at the numerous gyms, weight rooms, fitness areas, and walking tracks.

All children and teenagers aged 5 through 18 who are residents of Salt Lake County are eligible to apply for the My County Rec Pass.

Registration for the pass opens on April 1, 2024. You can sign up at any Salt Lake County-operated recreation center. The child and guardian must register in person, and the parent/guardian must bring ID or proof of Salt Lake County residency. Passes become active starting June 1, 2024.

The pass will provide a free ticket to fun, health, and safety for kids, whether after class, over school breaks, or throughout the summer and weekends.

Find out more information at the Salt Lake County My County Rec Pass page.