Sept. 23, 2014 Board Meeting Summary

Celebrating Bingham High School
Student Body President, Spencer Dunford said Bingham is proud to be celebrating 100 years of educating in Jordan School District. He said the initial student population of 13 has grown to a student body of 2400 today. Spencer told the Board that Bingham excels in academics and athletics with state championships year after year in debate, baseball, football, drill and other extracurricular activities. He said this year’s homecoming week was one of the most successful in the school’s history culminating in a dance that attracted more than 900 students.

  • Patron Comments
  • Vicki Olsen, teacher, thanked the Board for the extra professional development time that she said was well spent by teachers. She asked that it become permanent.
  • James Maughan, teacher, also thanked the Board for the additional professional development time at the middle school level. He said it allowed teachers to set up lesson plans and collaborate. In addition, he said the extra time to prepare increased morale in schools.
  • Alexandra Eframo, resident, told the Board that as a patron on a fixed income she would not support another bond initiative.
  • Jennifer Boehme, JEA President, introduced two new JEA Board members. Heather Reich is the new vice president and Debbie Atwood is the elementary representative.

Advisory Group Co-Chair
The Board selected Janice Voorhies as co-chair of the Facility Design and Construction advisory group which is part of the Interlocal Agreement.

Superintendent’s Report
Dr. Patrice A. Johnson, Superintendent of Schools, shared with the Board the 2013-14 Year in Review. Dr. Johnson talked about our commitment to communications with the public, legislators, business leaders, cities and parents. She said the District is engaged with the community through focus groups, town hall meetings, the superintendent sitting on 14 boards and committees, and through an Interlocal Agreement with cities. Dr. Johnson made more than 100 school site visits throughout the year, with area administrators’ visits numbering 1,309.

Appreciation was given to the Board for funding district-wide professional learning communities, more STEM offerings and an expansion of programs at the JATC. Because of their comittment student achievement is increasing. Superintendent Johnson said growth of the District’s Dual Immersion program and increased student access to iPads is having a positive impact on student achievement as well. She reported that K-3 reading has surpassed the state goal and is now at 80.6%, Advanced Placement test performance continues to increase, along with ACT scores which, in Utah, are tops in the nation when using comparable data. In addition, Superintendent Johnson said graduation rates and test scores remain high despite the District having the lowest per pupil funding in the state. Regarding SAGE testing, she mentioned that because Core standards increased and there is more rigorous testing of those standards, statewide and district scores will be impacted.

The District’s teachers logged 28,087 professional development sessions. Also, 552 teachers received training in Mastery Connect. Dr. Johnson concluded by saying the District’s most valuable resource is human capital and the Board of Education recognized and rewarded educators and all other employees with a salary increase this past year.

As part of the Superintendent’s report, Nancy Karpowitz, secondary guidance specialist, reported that all secondary school guidance programs are up for state review which will affect state funding. She said last year the state funding totaled $687,000. Mrs. Karpowitz said Jordan School District is now in full compliance with the state mandated counselor to student ratio which has allowed for more time spent on college and career ready counseling.

  • Board Comments
  • Corbin White said the work that goes on in district schools is incredible and he appreciates all the work that our teachers do.
  • Peggy Jo Kennett attended the Farm Field Day at Heartland which she said was great and let children know fruits and vegetables don’t come from the store but are grown on farms. She also attended the community council meeting at Joel P. Jensen which had its largest attendance and said it is great to see a new spirit and pride at the school.
  • Richard Osborn said he appreciates and admires everyone who keeps the District running so smoothly, from the administrative staff to classified employees.
  • Susan Pulsipher attended the South Jordan redevelopment meeting. She thanked area administrators for their hard work and always being available to answer questions.
  • Kayleen Whitelock reported that there would be a PTA advocacy conference on October 22. She thanked principals and other staff members for being so helpful and available to answer her questions.
  • Janice Voorhies attended the Western Growth Coalition where water issues were discussed.
  • Lynn Crane said he appreciates the opportunity to be involved with an organization like Jordan School District. He applauded the achievements that are happening every day and said it demonstrates a lot about Superintendent Johnson and what she has accomplished. He said great leaders like Dr. Johnson create great leaders.

Closed, Study Session
In closed session, Board members discussed property. In open session, the Board reviewed school financing options, facility design and construction and discussed a five-year plan for growth. They also reviewed math homework help for parents, teacher team evaluation systems, and dual immersion program staffing.

– Sandy Riesgraf, Director of Communications

Board of Education
Richard S. Osborn, President – Precinct 5
Susan Pulsipher, Vice President – Precinct 3
Janice L. Voorhies, Secretary – Precinct 6
J. Lynn Crane, Member – Precinct 1
Peggy Jo Kennett, Member – Precinct 7
Corbin White, Member – Precinct 2
Kayleen Whitelock, Member – Precinct 4