April 28, 2015 Board Meeting Summary

Administrative Appointments
The Board approved the appointment of Cindy Tingey, assistant principal at Eastlake and Daybreak Elementary schools, as principal at Riverton Elementary and Michelle Lovell, literacy specialist in Curriculum, as assistant principal at Daybreak and Eastlake Elementary schools.

Celebrating Fort Herriman Middle School
Student Body Officers Taylor Sweet and Matt Gilchrist talked about the efforts at Fort Herriman Middle School to help every student achieve academic excellence. They said Essential Intervention Time gives students an opportunity to work on specific standards with teachers. Team Time is set aside to do target interventions with teachers and students. In addition, the students said that a new grading system at the school helps everyone focus on what they really should be learning. Taylor and Matt said about 800 students are on the honor roll and that is because teachers really care about student success. They also said the student body is extremely proud of the annual Sub For Santa where this year 150,000 pounds of food was collected and $100,000 raised for the Utah Food Bank.

Mr. Darrell Love, CTE teacher, was recognized as recipient of the Utah Future Farmers of America Blue & Gold Award.

  • The following were recognized as Utah PTA Golden Apple Award winners:
  • Sonja Ferrufino, Riverton High
  • Trina Garlick, South Hills Middle
  • Lisa Freeman, Rose Creek Elementary
  • Cindy Epperson, Jordan Ridge Elementary
  • Lucas Talley, South Hills Middle
  • Kara Kimball, South Hills Middle
  • Jerilyn Hessing, Jordan Hills Elementary
  • Machelle Rogers, Rosamond Elementary
  • Susan Brothersen, Mountain Shadows Elementary
  • Public Input for Board Approved Preliminary Budget Items
  • Todd Quarnburg, principal, thanked the Board for considering funding for teacher professional development in the preliminary budget.
  • Susan Rogers, teacher, said she supports funding more professional development for teachers.

Superintendent’s Report
Dr. Patrice A. Johnson, Superintendent of Schools, recognized district drama departments for the wonderful job they are doing. She said the performances at the middle school level she had seen really were fabulous and she is in awe of the talent displayed by so many young people. Nancy Ward, Educational Support Services coordinator and Hilda Lloyd, Homeless Migrant Outreach, talked about new services in Title I schools. Principals’ Pantries have been established thanks to a generous donation from the Jordan Education Foundation and on-going support from Costco. The pantries provide everything from food and shoes to transportation vouchers for students. Mrs. Ward said there are 1,766 students who qualify as homeless in the District and the goal is to remove barriers that get in the way of educational success for these students. Title I schools are also starting ‘The Strong Father Program,’ which is aimed at getting more fathers involved in  education and activities with their children at school.

  • Patron Comments
  • Melissa Brown, teacher, thanked Matthew Young for the time he spent at Riverton High visiting teachers and classrooms.
  • Board Comments
  • Kayleen Whitelock attended the Facilities Committee meeting where they discussed options for increasing parking spaces at Bingham and Copper Hills High Schools. The committee is encouraging student body officers to come up with ideas to increase parking at the schools as well. She said the committee also discussed priorities for building elementary or middle schools in the District. Mrs. Whitelock thanked Jana Cruz for her work on the summer lunch program. She said it is great to visit with teachers at schools and thanked custodians for the work they do.
  • Matthew Young attended the Finance Committee meeting where they discussed ways to move the operating budget process forward and looked at financing methods for schools in need and ways to meet those needs. They also authorized John Larsen to send out a Request For Proposal (RFP) for an internal auditor. Mr. Young said being part of the committee has been a very good experience.
  • Jen Atwood congratulated West Jordan High Principal Mike Kochevor for being selected as a Jordan Education Foundation 2015 Outstanding Educator. Mrs. Atwood said she attended the School Community Council Committee meeting where they are working to raise awareness and increase participation in school community councils. She also attended the Wellness Committee meeting where they discussed the new federal nutrition program that begins in July called ‘Smart Snacks in School,’ which regulates all food sold on school campuses. Mrs. Atwood also attended the STEM open house and was very impressed by what she saw at the West Jordan Middle School Arts Fair.
  • Lynn Crane said he enjoys his work on the Facilities Committee, which allows him to take a more in-depth look at District projects. He also attended a Leader In Me program at Eastlake Elementary and a grandparent’s program at Terra Linda. He also enjoyed the recent student production at Herriman High.
  • Susan Pulsipher said she is pleased to sit on the Finance Committee. She enjoyed the student musical at Kauri Sue, the production of ‘Little Mermaid’ at South Jordan Elementary and The Leader in Me program at Rosamond Elementary. Mrs. Pulsipher said talking to teachers in schools gives her a greater appreciation for what they do every day.
  • Janice Voorhies said she attended the Facilities Committee meeting and the School Community Council Committee meeting. She enjoyed the opportunity to see The Leader In Me programs at several schools and had fun watching children perform in the West Hills Middle School musical.

Closed, Study Session
In closed session, Board members discussed personnel, property, potential litigation and negotiations.  In open session, the Board discussed Dual Immersion student enrollment data and the release time of the Board agenda and time of Board meetings.

– Sandy Riesgraf, Director of Communications

Board of Education
Susan Pulsipher, President – Precinct 3
Janice L. Voorhies, Vice President – Precinct 6
Kayleen Whitelock, Secretary – Precinct 4
Jen Atwood, Member – Precinct 7
J. Lynn Crane, Member – Precinct 1
Richard S. Osborn, Member – Precinct 5
Matthew Young, Member – Precinct 2