Oct. 27, 2015 Board Meeting Summary

Celebrating Oquirrh Hills Middle School
Joey Nokes, student body president, said at Oquirrh Hills Middle they take great pride in helping every student achieve. He said they are very proud of the ALPS program, which attracts a wide variety of students who have a strong sense of unity at the school. Joey described Oquirrh as a school that works hard against bullying to create a safe environment for everyone. He said they are proud of the many opportunities for students to participate in educational activities like debate, Math Counts, the after school STEM academy, jazz band and theater. The holiday fundraiser, Oquirrh Fest, brings in a lot of money for a charitable cause each year. Last year students raised $22,514 for the Utah Honor Flight.

The Jordan Education Association recognized Amy Merritt, Curriculum Specialist and elementary teacher mentor for her Teacher Leadership Initiative (TLI).

Proclamation in Support of Utah College Application Weeks
The Board adopted a proclamation supporting Utah College Application Weeks encouraging students to pursue a post-secondary education and become career and college ready in high school.

New Board Policy
The Board approved a new Board policy defining the role of the Board attorney.

The 2015-16 Utah Consolidated Application (UCA)
The Board approved the application assuring that the District is in compliance with state and federal requirements.

Revisions to Negotiated Policy DP330B
The Board approved revisions to the negotiated policy regarding bereavement leave.

Superintendent’s Report
Dr. Patrice A. Johnson, Superintendent of Schools, presented her 2014-15 Year in Review. She said working with smart, problem-solving educators has led to an increase in student achievement. Extensive work has been done on district-wide Student Learning Objectives, (SLOs), professional development for teachers (face-to-face and online), instructional coaching and literacy benchmarks. Student achievement is also being enhanced by the addition of Kindergarten Academy, Math Boot Camps, USTAR grants, STEM grants, CTE job shadowing experiences and Beverley Taylor Sorenson grants. Superintendent Johnson reported that last year 763 students participated in the District’s Jordan Connect online courses with a 93.6% success rate. In addition, 2,821 students took concurrent enrollment classes, SAGE scores increased in all areas and AP test scores continue to improve. Dr. Johnson said she made more than 150 school visits over the course of the year with area administrators making an additional 1,380 visits. She said the District will continue to empower teachers with professional development opportunities. The Superintendent concluded, when the District considers Every Child, Every Day, we cannot fail and with nearly the lowest per-pupil spending in the state and nation, patrons are getting a great return on their investment.

  • Board Comments
  • Janice Voorhies complimented John Larsen and Mike Anderson on their excellent presentation to the Western Growth Coalition. She said it was very effective and easy to understand.
  • Kayleen Whitelock thanked South Jordan City Manager Gary Whatcott for working with the District on safety measures for a new elementary school in Daybreak. She also thanked Dr. Anthony Godfrey and members of the Bingham High School Community Council for their work and participation in a productive meeting.
  • Matthew Young reported that the Finance Committee would like to invite the District’s external auditors to an upcoming meeting, which would give them more time to review the audit. He said they have received proposals from three parties interested in being financial advisors. He also attended a Riverton City RDA meeting and informed the Board that Riverton has a new CDA located off the Mountain View Corridor and 13400 South.
  • Richard Osborn said he was proud of the participation by District Board members at the recent National Federation of Urban Suburban School Districts (NFUSSD) conference.
  • Susan Pulsipher reported that the Legislative Committee will meet with local lawmakers in two weeks to talk about priorities for the upcoming legislative session. The list complied by the committee includes funding for professional development and technology, a charter schools discussion, ACT testing and discussing the cost of implementing bills for school districts.
  • Jen Atwood reported that School Community Council trainings are going well and they are making great strides. She also invited children and school leaders from Terra Linda and West Jordan Elementary schools to share their Leader in Me success stories since both schools have achieved Lighthouse status. Mrs. Atwood recognized Eric Price and Officer Hood for helping to save a student’s life at West Jordan Middle.
  • Lynn Crane said he is happy to be a part of everything happening in the District and appreciates the opportunity to serve. He congratulated all of the high school athletic teams for their success this fall.

Closed, Study Session
In closed session, Board members discussed personnel and potential litigation. In open session, the Board reviewed student housing needs, Dual Immersion programs for middle schools and administration policy AA437 Parent Involvement and School Community Councils. The Board also received an update on student fees, a new administrative policy on admission charged for school events and the Interlocal Agreement.

– Sandy Riesgraf, Director of Communications

Board of Education
Susan Pulsipher, President – Precinct 3
Janice L. Voorhies, Vice President – Precinct 6
Kayleen Whitelock, Secretary – Precinct 4
Jen Atwood, Member – Precinct 7
J. Lynn Crane, Member – Precinct 1
Richard S. Osborn, Member – Precinct 5
Matthew Young, Member – Precinct 2