July 26, 2016 Board Meeting Summary

The Board honored and recognized Rick Bojak for his many contributions to education as a long-time and dedicated teacher, coach, former Board president and school volunteer. Friends, former colleagues and former students also spoke about the positive and lasting impact Mr. Bojak has had on their lives.

Superintendent’s Report
Dr. Patrice A. Johnson, Superintendent of Schools, said it has been a very busy summer for Human Resources. She reported that HR started with 118 elementary and 92 secondary vacancies at our peak District-wide and have now filled all but 14 of those elementary positions and16 secondary. This number changes daily and our HR department has done an outstanding job. She also said it was an exciting day as 12 Year-round schools began for the 2016-17 school year. Superintendent Johnson praised Curriculum for involving 4550 teachers in professional training over the summer months.

Paul Bergera, staff assistant, Auxiliary Services, gave a brief video update on the progress of summer projects going on at seven schools throughout the District. He reported crews are just past the half way mark in getting all of the work done.

  • Board Comments
  • Janice Voorhies reported on the School Community Council Committee which she said is discussing plans for SCC fall training.
  • Susan Pulsipher reported on the Legislative Committee. Mrs. Pulsipher said she attended a USBA meeting where concerns about the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) were discussed. She also told the Board that she had spoken with Congresswoman Mia Love to talk about local concerns regarding the ESSA.

Closed, Study Session
In closed session, Board members discussed personnel. In open session, the Board received an update on progress toward a 2016 bond election and discussed continuance of self-promotion advertising on school buses.

– Sandy Riesgraf, Director of Communications

Board of Education
Susan Pulsipher, President – Precinct 3
Janice L. Voorhies, Vice President – Precinct 6
Kayleen Whitelock, Secretary – Precinct 4
Jen Atwood, Member – Precinct 7
J. Lynn Crane, Member – Precinct 1
Richard S. Osborn, Member – Precinct 5
Matthew Young, Member – Precinct 2