June 13, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

Budget Hearing for 2017-18 School Year

Business Administrator John Larsen presented the proposed 2017-18 budget of $590.3 million to the Board of Education during the District’s annual budget hearing. The Board adopted the 2016-17 final amended budget and the 2017-18 proposed budget. The Board authorized any budget adjustments necessary to reflect funds received from the Certified Tax Rate.

Dr. Johnson thanked Board members for their diligent work in making employees a top priority. She commended Mr. Larsen, his staff and the Board for their outstanding work in preparing the budget. Dr. Johnson reviewed Ends policies regarding student achievement, empowering employees, customer service, as well as security and safety during her presentation, ‘Blueprint for Excellence’. She assessed how the Ends policies and the budget were interrelated.

  • Mr. Larsen summarized four main points of the 2017-18 budget, which were: 1) JSD has a balanced budget; 2) there was no tax increase; 3) there was no increase in class size; and 4) negotiated agreements with employees had been fulfilled.
  • Mr. Larsen then reviewed the following aspects of the 2017-18 proposed budget:
  • WPU: The Utah State Legislature increased the weighted pupil unit (WPU) value from $3,184 to $3,311 (a $127 increase). Enrollment: Student enrollment is projected at 53,630, an increase of 1,123 students.
  • Assessed Valuation: The District’s assessed valuation is projected at $19.4 billion in 2017-18, flat from $19.4 billion in 2016-17.
  • Employee Compensation: The budget includes compensation increases for all employee groups. Overall, the District saw no increase in insurance premiums.
  • New Schools: Two elementary schools, Bastian Elementary and Golden Fields Elementary, are being built with capital reserves and are set to open in the 2017-18 school year. With the issuance of $38,850,000 in bonds, construction has begun on a new high school in Herriman, a new middle school in South Jordan and the rebuild of West Jordan Middle School.
  • School Schedules: Seven elementary schools are going from year-round to a traditional schedule: Daybreak, Eastlake, Elk Meadows, Midas Creek, Monte Vista, Silver Crest and Welby Elementary Schools.

Student Appeal
The Board upheld the determination of a student disciplinary action.

Superintendent’s Report
Dr. Patrice A. Johnson, Superintendent of Schools, shared with the Board her visit to Monte Vista Elementary and their celebration for students in the academic support class who graduated and will attend middle school in the coming school year. She commended Mrs. Willison for the wonderful job she does with the students and the affective skills being taught to the academic support students at Monte Vista. Dr. Johnson also thanked Human Resources for their work to quickly fill teacher vacancies. She reported that presently there are 72 vacancies remaining for the fall.

Holly Bell, Specialist, Secondary Counseling and Guidance, presented on the Comprehensive School Counseling Program in the District’s middle and high schools. She highlighted results of a data project conducted by the counseling staff at each of the secondary schools. The results showed significant gains in student achievement and college preparedness.

  • Patron Comments
  • JEA President Vicki Olsen inquired about the locations of properties being acquired by the District in Bluffdale and Herriman.
  • Board Comments
  • Janice Voorhies attended the graduations at Copper Hills High, South Valley and Kauri Sue Hamilton. She commended the quality of the graduates at all the schools and was pleased to see the growth of all students at all schools.
  • Matthew Young chaired the Innovations in Education Board Advisory Committee meeting earlier in June. He was grateful for the participation of all committee members as they move forward. They defined their mission and created a definition for ‘innovation’, which will help guide the committee as they continue their work.
  • Marilyn Richards attended three high school graduations. She said it was truly a tribute to JSD students and the quality of the graduates. She also was in the audience for a play at South Jordan Middle School and was delighted by the performance. She also indicated the Facilities Board Advisory Committee discussed a need for an addition at the Kauri Sue Hamilton School. This item will be discussed in the future as projects are assessed.
  • Bryce Dunford celebrated Copper Hills High student Carlos Becerra for being named the Gatorade Player of the Year for soccer in the state of Utah. He also congratulated the Copper Hills soccer team for their outstanding season.
  • Darrell Robinson was impressed as he attended PLC’s at Blackridge and Midas Creek Elementary. He thanked Dr. Johnson for her commitment to staff development.
  • Tracy Miller had a great experience attending graduations. She enjoyed plays put on by the 5th graders at Rosamond Elementary and praised the teachers for their hard work putting the performances together.

Closed, Study Session
In closed session, Board members discussed personnel, property and negotiations. In open session, the Board discussed Ends Policy 402 Empowering Employees and DP375 Vacation Schedule for Administrative Personnel. They also discussed a boundary change for Bastian and Golden Fields Elementary Schools and DP371 Employee Information Network Acceptable Use Policy. In addition, the Board reviewed budget documents.

– Scott Iddings, Communications Specialist

Board of Education
Janice L. Voorhies, President – Precinct 6
Matthew Young, Vice President – Precinct 2
Jen Atwood, Secretary – Precinct 7
Bryce Dunford, Member – Precinct 5
Tracy J. Miller, Member – Precinct 3
Marilyn Richards, Member – Precinct 4
Darrell Robinson, Member – Precinct 1