March 31, 2020 Board Meeting Summary

Superintendent’s Report
Superintendent Anthony Godfrey expressed great appreciation for every teacher, student, parent and employee for all their hard work and support learning in a new way during school dismissal. He said he is proud and honored to be part of this effort in Jordan School District.

  • Patron Comments
  • Jeremy Peart, custodian, expressed concern over public health regarding the number of people in school buildings during dismissal.
  • Heather Reich, teacher, thanked Board members and District Administrators for their support, understanding and encouragement during school dismissal. She said she misses her students terribly.
  • Board Comments
  • Jen Atwood applauded West Jordan schools for the phenomenal job of helping parents understand the transition and being engaged with the community during these difficult times. Ms. Atwood reported on the Community Outreach Committee and said April’s Parent University is not going forward in a regular fashion.
  • Tracy Miller reported on the Facilities Advisory Committee and requested that bussing for the Western Springs subdivision students be extended for one more year.
  • Marilyn Richards echoed others’ comments and said it is amazing how schools are staying in touch with students and holding online meetings, like South Jordan Middle School which held a faculty meeting on Zoom. She recognized Rodney Shaw for lighting the “B” on the mountain for a week and thanked all employees for their efforts. Ms. Richards reported on the Government Relations Committee saying that letters of appreciation will be written and sent to all Jordan School District legislators.
  • Janice Voorhies thanked Nutrition Services personnel for feeding the children saying what they are doing is remarkable. She also thanked the Antelope Canyon School Community Council for holding virtual meetings to continue work on a safe walking route, Trust Lands plans and other activities for the start of the school year.
  • Darrell Robinson attended a middle school play and a girl’s lacrosse game at Mountain Ridge High School. He said he is happy to see work on blended learning taking place. Mr. Robinson wrote a letter to teachers since he can’t visit schools and asked what they are doing to continue to teach students. He received many responses and enjoyed learning about their new ideas.

The Board Approved the Following Special Business Items
The 2020-21 fee schedule and fee cap, Revisions to Administrative Policy DP335 NEG Personal Leave – Licensed and DP 335B Personal Leave – Education Support Professionals, Revisions to DP337 NEG Leave of Absence – Licensed and DP337B NEG Leave of Absence – Education Support Professionals.

Closed, Study Session
In closed session, Board members discussed personnel, property, potential litigation, and negotiations.

In open session, the Board reviewed electronic meeting etiquette and procedures and District response to the school dismissal. They also discussed proposed revisions to administrative policies regarding personal leave during the school dismissal and revisions to administrative polices regarding leave of absence during the school dismissal. In addition, the Board reviewed and discussed considerations for year-round elementary schools and a lease revenue bond.

– Sandy Riesgraf, Director of Communications

Board of Education
Bryce Dunford, President – Precinct 5
Tracy J. Miller, Vice President – Precinct 3
Matthew Young, Secretary – Precinct 2
Jen Atwood, Member – Precinct 7
Marilyn Richards, Member – Precinct 4
Darrell Robinson, Member – Precinct 1
Janice L. Voorhies, Member – Precinct 6