Mission • Vision • Beliefs

Students in Jordan School District will reach their potential to achieve academically, prosper economically, and contribute responsibly to society.

The Jordan School District Board of Education is committed to accomplishing its mission by:

  1. Increasing Student Achievement
    The Board recognizes that providing a quality education for students includes ensuring that a variety of opportunities are made available at all levels to students such as STEM, music, art, physical education, leadership, character education, etc. at all levels. Additionally, the Board of Education believes in the importance of student growth and progress and supports assessment practices that inform instruction to meet the needs of all learners in every field of opportunity. Information on the breadth of educational opportunities as well as student growth measurements will be disseminated in multiple formats to school community groups, parents, and school leaders.
  2. Empowering Employees
    Jordan School District educators will recognize they are valued by (1) Targeted professional development that may be school wide, leadership team driven, self-selected, or District wide, (2) Opportunity for growth by increasingly successful classroom skills, (3) Recognizing teachers as professionals and providing opportunities for educator input, (4) Recognizing and rewarding quality performance.
  3. Delivering High Quality Customer Service
    Jordan School District educators will acknowledge, value, and support students, families, and the community by (1) Creating a welcoming culture, (2) Fostering an inclusive environment where all students are valued, (3) Addressing problems with efficiency and concern, (4) Actively partnering with parents to provide educational support to students.
  4. Ensuring Safety and Security
    Jordan School District educators will support and implement physically and emotionally safe school programs and procedures where learning can occur.  School safety and security will be accomplished by providing a physically safe learning environment through safety and security programs which include:  (1) Safe and secure buildings and grounds, (2) Emergency preparedness, (3) Student, staff, and patron safety and welfare.  School safety and security will be further accomplished by encouraging each school to foster an emotionally safe and a welcoming environment through a Code of Conduct that will be developed at each school in collaboration with the school administration, faculty, and School Community Council. An anti-bullying program will be an element of each school’s Code of Conduct and shall include the following components:  (1) Clearly articulated and defined desired actions of behavior, (2) Clearly defined rules and consequences, (3) Clearly defined reporting process, (4) Clearly defined education process for students, parents, faculty, and staff.

As members of the Jordan School District Board of Education, we believe it is our duty and responsibility to:

  1. Increase student achievement
  2. Provide parents with the choices they deserve and desire
  3. Recognize and reward quality in educators
  4. Empower school leaders through policy governance and professional development
  5. Communicate with the public, legislators, business leaders, cities and parents.