Jordan COVID-19 Data Dashboard

Website screenUnder the direction of the Jordan Board of Education, Jordan School District is launching a COVID-19 Data Dashboard. This dashboard will update parents and employees on current COVID-19 case counts so they can make the very best decisions for students, families and themselves.

When you access the Jordan COVID-19 Data Dashboard, you can:

  • Choose the school level, feeder system or office building by using the pull-down menu on the top right-hand side of the screen.
  • Find the number of current active cases and the number of active quarantines in your school or building.
  • See the approximate number of individuals in each building.

Case counts change frequently. The dashboard will be updated daily, Monday through Friday, by 1 p.m. on school days.

The dashboard can be found at

To better understand the Jordan COVID-19 Data Dashboard, we invite you to listen to the following episode of our Supercast podcast:

Welcome Back, Moving Forward – School Starts Next Week

Bus with sign on sideIt is back to in-person and/or online learning for students in Jordan School District next week. We are very excited to have everyone back and engaged in learning again!

Here is a list of start dates for elementary and secondary students:

  • Traditional Schools
    • Grades 10-12: Monday, Aug. 24
    • 7th Grade: Monday, Aug. 24 (Orientation)
    • Grades 1-6: Tuesday, Aug. 25
    • Grades 8-9: Tuesday, Aug. 25
    • Kindergarten: Wednesday, Sept. 2
  • Year-Round Elementary Schools
    • Tracks A, B Grades 1-6: Monday, Aug. 24
    • Tracks A, B Kindergarten: Tuesday, Sept. 1
    • Track C Grades 1-6: Thursday, Sept. 17
    • Track C Kindergarten: Monday, Sept. 28
    • Track D Grades 1-6: Thursday, Aug. 27
    • Track D Kindergarten: Tuesday, Sept. 8

Supercast Episode 36: A Teacher’s Story of Perseverance During the Pandemic

Students on an Online Conference CallIt is a sign of the times… educators working harder than ever to keep learning alive during the pandemic. In this episode of the Supercast, hear the inspiring story of an American Sign Language teacher who says her passion and perseverance for teaching has grown during these unprecedented times.

Supercast Episode 34: Kitchens Turned Classrooms with ‘Teacher of the Year’ Rachelle Smith

What is it like for a teacher working from home during school dismissal with possibly a kitchen turned classroom? On this episode of the Supercast, we hear from Jordan School District Teacher of the Year, Rachelle Smith, about teaching during these troubled times and how she makes learning fun and is finding success.

Then, Superintendent Godfrey actually has a virtual visit with Ms. Smith’s 6th grade class. Hear what some very bright and animated students have to say about the school year and learning from home.

2020 Graduation Plans & Potential Summer Events

2020 Graduation Plans
Cap and Diploma 2020We appreciate the feedback that has been provided by over 3,200 students, parents and employees with suggestions and ideas about how to best celebrate our 2020 graduating class.  After receiving direction from Governor Gary H. Herbert’s office and the SL County Health Department indicating that in-person graduation ceremonies are not permissible, the Jordan School District has finalized its graduation ceremony plans.

The survey results identified accomplishment, recognition, celebration, closure, memories and goodbyes as the most important aspects graduation ceremonies provide.  We hope to meet all six of these aspects by having students participate in the following three events:

  1. A virtual graduation ceremony – On June 4, 2020, all schools will participate in a virtual graduation (with the exception of Valley High and South Valley who will participate in their virtual graduation ceremonies on June 3, 2020).  These ceremonies will provide our graduating students the proper recognition for their accomplishments and closure to an amazing journey.  We have hired VEGO pictures production company out of Los Angeles, California to work with each school’s graduation ceremony organizers to ensure the best possible experience for each graduate and their families.  Each virtual ceremony will include personal student features, highlight reels, speeches, musical numbers and more.
  2. A “Stay-In-Your-Car” Parade – Local school administrators will work with PTA, city officials, student leaders and school staff to organize a “stay-in-your-car” parade to celebrate graduates while following proper social distancing requirements.  The specific parade details as well as the diploma distribution plans will be worked out school-by-school.
  3. Future Celebration Activity – When large gatherings are deemed safe by the Salt Lake County Health Department, all high schools will recreate some well-deserved memories.  Each high school will plan a future celebration activity where students will be given the chance to say their appropriate goodbyes in person.  The specifics of this activity will also be worked out school-by-school and scheduled at a future date when appropriate.

Schools will continue to have the opportunity to make additional plans as deemed appropriate.  Questions can be directed to each high school for details.

Potential Summer Events
Baseball & BatAt the request of the Jordan School District Board of Education and after discussion with high school principals, Jordan District is in the process of planning some possible events that could include a “Jordan Cup” for sanctioned spring sports and activities that did not get the chance to compete or perform in an “End-of-Year Performance”.  All of these events would require approval from the SL County Health Department and deemed safe before we would be able to move forward with scheduling.

The idea would be to conduct these events during a two- or three-week window of time.  Students would have the opportunity to practice and train appropriately in order to compete or perform in a game(s) or performance.  High schools would coordinate the specific details regarding activities held at their own school location.

The “Jordan Cup” could include a tournament type competition for spring sports that were not able to compete due to the closure of schools during the COVID-19 restrictions.  These tournaments or meets will take place for the following sanctioned spring sports; Baseball, Girls’ Golf, Girls’ Lacrosse, Boys’ Lacrosse, Boys’ Soccer, Softball, Boys’ Tennis and Track & Field.

The “End-of-Year Performances” could be scheduled to allow sanctioned activities that normally hold a performance at the end of the school year to schedule a similar performance during the same window of time if that opportunity was not afforded them prior to the school closure.

Please look for more details to come if mass gathering restrictions and social distancing requirements are eased and permission is granted from the SL County Health Department to move forward with these events.  We appreciate your support, patience and understanding during these difficult times.

*Any UHSAA sponsored spring sport activities would replace the events described above.

Planes de graduación 2020
Agradecemos los comentarios que nos han proporcionado más de 3.200 estudiantes, padres y empleados con sugerencias e ideas sobre cómo celebrar mejor nuestra clase de graduación 2020. Después de recibir instrucciones de la oficina del gobernador Gary H. Herbert y del Departamento de Salud del Condado de SL indicando que no se permiten ceremonias de graduación en persona, el Distrito Escolar de Jordan ha finalizado sus planes de ceremonia de graduación.

Los resultados de la encuesta identificaron el logro, el reconocimiento, la celebración, el cierre, los recuerdos y las despedidas como los aspectos más importantes que proporcionan las ceremonias de graduación. Esperamos cumplir con estos seis aspectos haciendo que los estudiantes participen en los siguientes tres eventos:

  1. Una ceremonia de graduación virtual: el 4 de junio del 2020, todas las escuelas participarán en una graduación virtual (con la excepción de Valley High y South Valley, quienes participarán en sus ceremonias de graduación virtuales el 3 de junio del 2020). Estas ceremonias proporcionarán a nuestros estudiantes graduados el reconocimiento adecuado por sus logros y el cierre de un viaje increíble. Contratamos a la compañía de producción de imágenes VEGO de Los Ángeles, California, para trabajar con los organizadores de la ceremonia de graduación de cada escuela para garantizar la mejor experiencia posible para cada graduado y sus familias. Cada ceremonia virtual incluirá características personales del estudiante, atracciones destacados, discursos, números musicales y más.
  2. Un desfile de “Quédate en tu auto”: los administradores de las escuelas locales trabajarán con el PTA, los funcionarios de la ciudad, los líderes estudiantiles y el personal de la escuela para organizar un desfile de “quédate en tu auto” para celebrar a los graduados y seguir los requisitos de distancia social . Los detalles específicos del desfile, así como los planes de distribución de diplomas, se elaborarán de escuela a  escuela.
  3. Actividad de celebración futura: cuando el Departamento de Salud del Condado de Salt Lake considere que las reuniones grandes son seguras, todas las escuelas preparatorias recrearán algunos recuerdos bien merecidos. Cada escuela preparatoria planificará una actividad de futura celebración donde los estudiantes tendrán la oportunidad de despedirse en persona. Los detalles de esta actividad también se resolverán de escuela a  escuela y se programará una fecha futura cuando sea apropiado.

Las escuelas continuarán teniendo la oportunidad de hacer planes adicionales según se considere apropiado. Las preguntas pueden ser dirigidas a cada escuela secundaria para más detalles.

Posibles eventos de verano
A pedido de la Junta de Educación del Distrito Escolar de Jordan y luego de una discusión con los directores de las escuelas preparatorias, el Distrito de Jordan está en proceso de planificar algunos posibles eventos que podrían incluir una “Copa del Jordan” para los deportes de primavera sancionados y actividades que no tuvieron la oportunidad para competir o actuar en una “Actuación de fin de año”. Todos estos eventos requerirán la aprobación del Departamento de Salud del Condado de SL y se considerarán seguros antes de que podamos avanzar con la programación.

La idea sería realizar estos eventos durante un período de dos o tres semanas. Los estudiantes tendrían la oportunidad de practicar y entrenar adecuadamente para competir o desempeñarse en un juego o desempeño. Las escuelas preparatorias coordinarán los detalles específicos con respecto a las actividades realizadas en su propia ubicación escolar.

La “Copa del Jordan” podría incluir una competencia tipo torneo para deportes de primavera que no pudieron competir debido al cierre de las escuelas durante las restricciones COVID-19. Estos torneos o encuentros tendrán lugar para los siguientes deportes de primavera sancionados; Béisbol, golf femenino, lacrosse femenino, lacrosse masculino, fútbol masculino, softbol, ​​tenis masculino y atletismo.

Las “Actuaciones de fin de año” podrían programarse para permitir que las actividades sancionadas que normalmente tienen una actuación al final del año escolar programen una actuación similar durante el mismo período de tiempo si esa oportunidad no se les dio antes de la escuela cierre.

Busque más detalles por venir si se alivian las restricciones de reunión masiva y los requisitos de distanciamiento social y se otorga el permiso del Departamento de Salud del Condado de SL para avanzar con estos eventos. Agradecemos su apoyo, paciencia y comprensión durante estos tiempos difíciles.

* Cualquier actividad deportiva de primavera patrocinada por UHSAA reemplazaría los eventos descritos anteriormente.