FUN FACT FRIDAY: Taking a Tour of the New Elementary School in Bluffdale

Principal Meredith Doleac talking with construction workersPrincipal Carolyn Bona wanted a progress report on the new elementary school she will be opening in Bluffdale in the upcoming school year, so she headed to the school, put on a hard hat and was delighted to see the school beautifully taking shape.

The walls are up, cabinets installed and they are in the process of painting with bright colors. A unique skylight with what appears to be a huge pencil beneath it brings warm and welcoming sunlight into the building.

The new school is a modified Golden Fields and Bastian Elementary design and construction is on schedule. The school is set to open in the 2019-20 school year.

Enjoy this unique view of the school thanks to drone pilot Aaron Baker.

FUN FACT FRIDAY: Principal Excited About Progress on New Middle School in South Jordan

Picture of principal inside new schoolConstruction on the new middle school in South Jordan is ahead of schedule and Principal Mike Glenn couldn’t be more excited.

Mr. Glenn grabbed his hard hat and headed to the new school for a personal tour this week. Most of the classrooms are now painted in bright colors with cabinetry being installed. Carpet will be installed the first week in March. Outside, there is now grass on the back play field and about half of the front parking lot has been paved. The 177,903 square foot building is a modified Sunset Ridge Middle School design.

Mr. Glenn says parents and students should watch for a survey which will be emailed in the near future asking them to nominate a name for the school, mascot and school colors.

If students have not received their registration cards, please contact the school at (801) 412-1002.

Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.

FUN FACT FRIDAY: CNG Buses Bring Big Savings In Fuel Costs

Jordan School District has the largest fleet of compressed natural gas (CNG) school buses in the State and that is adding up to big savings for taxpayers in fuel costs.

  • Jordan School District CNG bus parked next to a filling station. The District has a total of 123 CNG school buses
  • We pay 67 cents a gallon in natural gas fuel costs
  • We receive an alternative fuel rebate of 50 cents a gallon
  • That means WE PAY 17 CENTS A GALLON FOR FUEL in our CNG school buses

The District is saving taxpayers $6,000 per CNG school bus in fuel costs each year which totals about $700,000 a year in savings!

FUN FACT FRIDAY: Savings Add Up Thanks to ‘Energy Dream Team’

Picture of school hallwaySchools throughout the District are finding ways to conserve thanks to a proactive JSD ‘Energy Team,’ created just over four years ago. The ‘Energy Team’ is constantly looking for ways to conserve and cut down on the use of electricity, natural gas and water in our schools and buildings.

The ‘Energy Team’ has helped the District save $5.2 million dollars in energy costs since 2015.

One member of the team focuses his time on energy conservation education, visiting 5th grade classrooms throughout the District teaching students about ways to conserve.

Lighting control upgrades that automatically turn off lights are making a big difference, along with teachers and custodians paying greater attention to energy efficiencies.

It is all adding up to big savings. For example in the 2017-18 school year the District saved:

  • $1,031,696 in Electricity Costs
  • $304,654 in Natural Gas Costs
  • $231,111 in Water Costs

FUN FACT FRIDAY: Jordan Education Foundation Awards Record $176,894 in Classroom Grants

Picture of teachers holding grant checkTeachers and students throughout Jordan School District are benefiting in a big way from the kindness and generosity of donors and the Jordan Education Foundation. This year donors helped to fund a record $176,894.78 in JEF classroom grants, money that will go directly to support education. The grants will be used to purchase things like STEM supplies, language immersion libraries, guided reading books, Chromebooks, applied science materials, math manipulatives, sensory items, software and much more.

The JEF Classroom Grants:

  • Impact more than 31,000 students in 48 schools
  • Range from $100.00 to $2,021.00
  • Fund 274 projects

Thank you to the Jordan Education Foundation and its donors for making an impact in our classrooms each and every day.