FUN FACT FRIDAY: Jordan Education Foundation Provides Record Number of Classroom Grants for Teachers

Thanks to the generosity and support of donors, the Jordan Education Foundation was able to provide a record number of classroom grants to teachers in the 2019-20 school year. Here is a breakdown:

  • 1,667 Grants Awarded in the Fall of 2019 (Up From 91 Awarded 3 Years Ago)
  • A total of $728,385 in Funding for 2019-20 Classroom Grants
  • 59 Out of 61 Schools Received Classroom Grants

The grants supported programs such as STEM, Arts, books and literacy, Special Education, technology, Health & Wellness and graduation readiness along with classroom supplies.

The Jordan Education Foundation appreciates the support of all donors – from District employees to businesses, organizations and individuals in our community.

Enjoy this video which demonstrates some of the amazing support for students and teachers in Jordan School District. The Jordan Education Foundation is “Making a Difference… Because of You!”

FUN FACT FRIDAY: 2020 Legislative Priorities

Picture of teacher and students in classroomMembers of the Board of Education recently met with local elected officials to talk about the Board’s 2020 Legislative Priorities.

The legislative priorities are as follows:

High Quality Instruction
We will continue to encourage quality instruction by providing our teachers competitive salaries, coaching, professional development, support staff, and resources to help our students learn at the highest levels.

  • Continue to implement salary options to attract and retain quality teachers
  • Remove barriers to competency education

Adequate Funding
We can best meet the needs of the District with an increase in WPU along with funding for enrollment growth, TSSA, and equalization.

  • Increase WPU and funding for enrollment growth.
  • Work collaboratively with the Utah Legislature to explore solutions to solve the tax imbalance in a way that ensures appropriate funding for education.

Mental Health and Wellness
We will continue to provide increased access to mental health resources and services along with continuing our health and wellness efforts.

  • Continue to provide access to mental health resources and services.
  • Support legislation regarding regulation of vaping and e-cigarettes.

Safe Schools
We realize the importance of maintaining our focus on school safety and the training of school staff, students and community.

  • Allow for local control of school safety options to address unique needs.

We realize the need for continued busing to insure the safety and well being of our students as they travel to and from school and sponsored events.

  • Support transportation costs to 85%.

High Schools Announce Charitable Fundraising Totals

Students crying and holding each other out of happiness. The totals are in and once again students throughout Jordan School District have gone above

and beyond to benefit local charities this holiday season.

Thank you to all the students and staff who devoted long hours to this charitable work.

Here is a list of the charities for each high school and fundraising totals.

  • Bingham High School – $49,000
    Make-A-Wish, Jordan Education Foundation and The Starlight Foundation.
  • Copper Hills High School – $49,000
    Local Families
  • Mountain Ridge High School – $57,482
    Tyler Robinson Foundation
  • Riverton High School – $176,076
    South Valley Services
  • West Jordan High School – $54,346
    The Hayes Tough Foundation
  • Herriman High School – $125,463
    The Hayes Tough Foundation
  • GRAND TOTAL: $511,367

Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved for their generosity!

FUN FACT FRIDAY: Riverside Elementary Assistant Principal Headed to Dominican Republic to Help Build School for Children in Need

Picture of Amy AdamsIt will be a service project like no other for Riverside Assistant Principal Amy Adams as she travels to the Dominican Republic to help make educational opportunities available to students and families in need, located in a mountainous area called Constanza.

More than 1,300 educators applied to be part of the project called ‘Memory Missions’ which is sponsored by Lifetouch. Amy Adams was among 50 chosen to make the trip and the only educator from Utah participating in the Memory Mission. Lifetouch will provide travel and housing for the educators while they are in Constanza from January 13 – 21.

While in Constanza, the group will help to complete a school that volunteers started building in 2011 – this time they will add a cafeteria and infirmary to the school in an effort to provide services for entire families. In the evenings, the volunteers will meet with children and families in their homes to get to know them and their needs.

Assistant Principal Adams will Facebook Live with students and teachers at Riverside Elementary School while in the Dominican Republic to share her experience and give them a first-hand look into the work of building a school where there is such a great need.

Jordan Education Foundation to Fund Record Number of Classroom Grants

Picture of Scheels donation presentationThe Jordan Education Foundation is always looking for unique ways to engage the community in supporting students and teachers in the classroom and their hard work is paying off.

This school year the Foundation will fund approximately 650 classroom grants, an all-time record. It is a significant increase from just two years ago when they funded 91 classroom grants, last year JEF funded 275. The grants support things like STEM, books and literacy, arts, music, technology and special education. This year the grants will total approximately $400,000.

The number of classroom grants funded by the foundation keeps growing thanks to generous donors like “Scheels.” As a part of the retailer’s recent ‘Day of Giving,’ Scheels donated $10,000 to the Jordan Education Foundation – all of the money will help to fund classroom grants.

Thanks to all of the caring community partners for their generosity and support for teachers and students in the classroom!