FUN FACT FRIDAY: Current Tax Rate Comparison

Did you know that different school districts levy different rates for taxes? A school district’s tax levy is significantly impacted by the commercial tax base within its boundaries – the more businesses, the more money coming into a school district. Districts with a strong established commercial tax base can levy a much lower tax rate. For the past several years, Jordan’s tax rate has been below the state average.

Ogden 0.008041 Granite 0.007822 Davis 0.007701 Average 0.007064 Alpine 0.007033 Canyons 0.006995 Jordan 0.006501 Weber 0.006307 Murray 0.005885 Salt Lake 0.005500

FUN FACT FRIDAY: PTA Reflections Award Winners Announced

Board members congratulating winnersEvery year students throughout Jordan School District remind us that their talents are endless and amazing. Those talents shine brightly in the PTA Reflections competition. This year, PTA Region 6 Director, Christy Lane, says JSD was well represented in the State finals with 63 students competing. A total of 23 JSD students won awards in the State competition.

The State winners were recognized this week at the monthly Board of Education meeting.

Congratulations to the following winners:

  • Dance:
    • Merit: Jaclyn McDonald, Eastlake Elementary School
    • Honorable Mention: Melissa Burningham, Herriman High School
  • Film:
    • Merit: Grahm Molloy, Herriman High School
    • Merit: Savannah Navarro, West Jordan Middle School
    • Honorable Mention: Mailee Edwards, South Hills Middle School
  • Literature:
    • Honorable Mention: Abigail Dewsnup, Herriman High School
    • Honorable Mention: Owen Vanden Akker, Westland Elementary School
    • Honorable Mention: Evi Bateman, Fox Hollow Elementary School
    • Honorable Mention: Bridger Pedroza, Welby Elementary School
  • Music:
    • Merit: Dexter Jack, Riverton Elementary School
    • Merit: Samantha Faux, South Hills Middle School
    • Merit: Katelyn Riddle, Sunset Ridge Middle School
    • Honorable Mention: Addison Pack, Midas Creek Elementary School
  • Photography:
    • Merit: Elizza Brunner, Copper Canyon Elementary School
    • Merit: James Tucker, Rosamond Elementary School
    • Merit: Naomi Goldtooth, Hayden Peak Elementary School
  • 3D Visual Art:
    • Merit: Aubrey Jensen, Bingham High School
    • Merit: Trey Watson, Midas Creek Elementary School
    • Merit: Raylee Jensen, Riverton Elementary School
    • Merit: Mackenzie Rushton, Riverton Elementary School
  • 2D Visual Art:
    • Merit: Alaina Sapp, Riverton High School
    • Merit: Isabelle Ashton, Bingham High School
    • Honorable Mention: Esther Mueller, South Jordan Middle School

FUN FACT FRIDAY: Jordan Education Foundation Makes Surprise Stops to Award “Outstanding Educators of the Year!”

Picture celebrating Outstanding Educators of the YearThe Jordan Education Foundation, members of the Board of Education and Superintendent Johnson brought laughter, tears and many memorable moments as they made surprise stops at school after school recognizing 19 teachers and one principal with the JEF “Outstanding Educator of the Year,” awards.

The Foundation gave each recipient a $1,000 cash prize and an invitation to a special dinner to honor educators.

Here is a list of the 2019 JEF “Outstanding Educators of the Year.”

  • Joshua Brothers, Copper Hills High School
  • Erin Clelland, Sunset Ridge Middle School
  • Emma Cisneros, Fort Herriman Middle School
  • Melissa Lowry, Foothills Elementary School
  • Bego Rodriquez, Herriman Elementary School
  • Carol Ramsay, Silver Crest Elementary School
  • Michelle Poteki, Rose Creek Elementary School
  • Eric Noyes, South Hills Middle School
  • Natalie Smith, Kauri Sue Hamilton School
  • Mary Garcia, Southland Elementary School
  • Mallory Morrill, South Jordan Elementary School
  • Jennifer Robinson, Eastlake Elementary School
  • Haley McCall, Welby Elementary School
  • Anthony Martinez, Terra Linda Elementary School
  • Katlyn Jarvis, Columbia Elementary School
  • Andrea Breitling, Westland Elementary School
  • Melinda Fatani, Valley High School
  • Ronna Hoffman, Riverside Elementary School
  • Candice Pedersen, Riverton Elementary School

Congratulations to our amazing educators!

Fun Fact Friday: School Guidance Counselors Are a Great Resource for Students and Parents

Jordan School District Counselors play an important role in our schools, offering guidance to students in a wide variety of ways. These dedicated professionals are also available to provide parents with resources to help guide their children in academics along with student mental and social wellbeing in and outside of school.

Right now 80 counselors work hard every day in schools throughout the District, additional counselors will be hired this year. Each counselor is required to have a master’s degree in school counseling which is focused on mental health and academic advising. Counselors care about students and want to be advocates for them.

We encourage parents and guardians to schedule an appointment and get to know their student’s counselor. Together counselors and parents can help develop plans and strategies for students to succeed long after they leave Jordan School District.

To learn more about the work of school guidance counselors – WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Fun Fact Friday: Custodians and Maintenance Crews Working Non-Stop in Winter Weather Conditions

Custodian salting sidewalksIn the challenging winter weather conditions we are experiencing this year involving snow, sleet, ice and frigid temperatures, District crews work around the clock to keep our buildings open, students and employees safe and buses running.

On the District’s snow day alone, custodial and maintenance crews worked non-stop, logging more than 500 hours shoveling, clearing sidewalks, parking lots and pathways to schools. In some cases even principals pitched in to help.

Here are some other fun winter weather facts:

  • More than 4,500 bags of ice melt have been used on sidewalks so far this year.
  • About 445 tons of bulk road salt has been used on driveways and in parking lots at our schools and buildings.
  • When the snow falls seven District employees go out nightly, throughout the night, driving from one end of the District to another to assess the condition of roadways and determine if they are safe for buses to travel and transport students.
  • District alarm response crews work throughout the night checking schools to make sure there are no frozen pipes.
  • Dozens of snowplows work throughout the night to clear school parking lots and driveways.
  • Transportation crews and bus drivers arrive at 4 a.m. to make sure buses are running and ready to transport students.
  • Computerized engine heaters are being used on a number of buses. These heaters reduce idling time and the amount of diesel fuel needed which in turn reduces fuel costs and pollution.

Thanks to our dedicated employees for keeping the District, the size of a small city, safely operating in challenging winter weather. In addition, we appreciate the support of our patrons as we work to keep everyone safe.