FUN FACT FRIDAY: CNG Buses Bring Big Savings In Fuel Costs

Jordan School District has the largest fleet of compressed natural gas (CNG) school buses in the State and that is adding up to big savings for taxpayers in fuel costs.

  • Jordan School District CNG bus parked next to a filling station. The District has a total of 123 CNG school buses
  • We pay 67 cents a gallon in natural gas fuel costs
  • We receive an alternative fuel rebate of 50 cents a gallon
  • That means WE PAY 17 CENTS A GALLON FOR FUEL in our CNG school buses

The District is saving taxpayers $6,000 per CNG school bus in fuel costs each year which totals about $700,000 a year in savings!

Celebrating CNG School Buses

Thanks to $1.7 million in state and federal grant money, Jordan School District was able to purchase 36 brand new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) school buses this year. Our fleet of 105 CNG buses saves the District about $630,000 a year in fuel costs. The buses contribute to cleaner air and save taxpayers money.

Here is a look at our CNG School Bus Celebration.

Bond Fact Friday: Bringing Building Costs Down

In an effort to use taxpayer dollars in the most efficient way possible, the District conducted numerous stakeholder committee meetings and gathered input from our cities over the past three years. Everyone came together to find cost-saving efficiencies. The result is a 17% reduction in the overall cost of building new schools.

This is important as we propose a $245 million bond to build six new schools in areas of the District that are seeing the most extreme growth. More than 9,250 additional students are expected to enroll in JSD over the next five years.

This video explains the reduction in building costs and answers some frequently asked questions we are getting from patrons about the taxpayer savings.