New Middle School in South Jordan

New Middle School in South Jordan
  • Principal: Mike Glenn
  • Address: 5325 W. Bingham Rim Road, South Jordan, UT 84009
  • Phone: 801- 412-1002
  • Mascot: To Be Announced
  • School Colors: To Be Announced
  • Home Page: Coming Soon
  • Boundary Map
About the New Middle School in South Jordan

The new middle school in South Jordan is located on the corner of Kestral Rise Rd. and Bingham Rim Rd.  A beautiful building, the school is on schedule and will hopefully be ready for  occupancy in June.  We plan to open with approximately 1,000 students in grades 7-9 and will offer a full spectrum of core and elective classes, including Music, Art, Dance, French, Spanish and Chinese.  We anticipate students and teachers using technology to enhance student engagement and facilitate practice and assessments.  Students will be graded using Standards Referenced Grading tools, which will help students achieve mastery of essential standards and skills in their classes.

The Jordan School District Board of Education is in the process of choosing a name for the new middle school under construction at 5325 W Bingham Rim Rd, South Jordan, Utah. You are invited to submit up to five suggested names for the new school by completing the survey. School name finalists will be determined by the board from the submissions received and patrons will be allowed to give their feedback before a final name is selected. The survey will be open until midnight on March 1, 2019.

La Junta de Educación del Distrito Escolar de Jordan está en proceso de elegir un nombre para la nueva escuela secundaria en construcción en 5325 W Bingham Rim Rd, South Jordan, Utah. Le invitamos a enviar hasta cinco nombres sugeridos para la nueva escuela completando la encuesta. Los finalistas del nombre de la escuela serán determinados por la junta a partir de las presentaciones recibidas y los usuarios podrán dar su opinión antes de que se seleccione un nombre final. La encuesta estará abierta hasta la medianoche de Marzo 1, 2019.

Boundary Map