Modified Traditional Calendar Schedule

Early Birds Reading & Math Small Group Instruction 75 minutes | Combined Large Group Instruction, Specialty Classes, Lunch and Daily Recess 4 hours 30 minutes | Later Gators Reading & Math Small Group Instruction 75 minutes

Class ratios increase approximately 20% over Traditional elementary staff ratios
Grades K through 3: 26.4 • Grades 4 through 6: 31.2

The Modified Traditional Calendar is an instructional model that provides teachers the opportunity to work with small groups of students and provide targeted skill instruction in literacy and mathematics at the beginning and end of the day. This is accomplished by increasing class size by approximately 20 percent during large group instruction. In a general education classroom, one half of the students begin on the early schedule (early birds) and one half on the late schedule (later gators). Content instruction and specialty classes will be provided to the combined class during the remainder of the day in a large group setting. Specialty classes may include areas such as P.E., music, technology, and art.