River’s Edge School

 About River’s Edge School

River’s Edge School is a self-contained special education school which serves students with severe behavioral, social, and emotional deficits.  Student’s who reside within the boundaries of the Jordan School District come to our school via the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) process. River’s Edge School is the most restrictive special education placement in Jordan School District.

Individualized educational programming is provided for elementary, middle, and high school students who have experienced challenges in a more traditional setting.  Program components include: academics, vocational training, social skills, life skills, and community access skills. The main goal of our school is to assist students in learning new behaviors and alternate ways to deal with their emotions enabling them to become successful in their educational and personal lives.

River’s Edge School currently serves approximately 40 students.  The staff to student ratio is approximately 1 to 5. We are on a traditional school schedule.  School lunch is served daily.  There is an active Parent/Teacher/Student Organization (PTSO) who assist with school activities and give input on important school issues.

Our Independent University (IU) program is designed for 18 to 22 year old special education students with emotional and behavioral deficits and is another component of the River’s Edge School.  Students are trained in independent living skills and vocational skills.  Placement in this program is determined by the students IEP team. Our IU students attend school Monday through Thursday from 12:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.