It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, Say Thanks to Educators!

DSCN2288PTAs throughout the District are decking the halls, even rolling out the red carpet and treating teachers to special culinary creations this week. That’s because it is Teacher Appreciation Week, a time set aside to focus on saying a sincere thank you to the educators who work so hard for children throughout the year. Many teachers give of their own personal time and money to help students succeed. We applaud the creative ways PTAs are finding to make these educators feel appreciated. For example, all of the first-grade students in Mr. Yospe’s class showed up wearing his face on their shirts. Jordan is blessed to have so many talented and passionate teachers working with our young people and we thank each and every one of you for your dedication to the job. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page of the teacher celebrations at Westland Elementary. Look for other school celebrations featured throughout the week.

Students Declare College Choices on Decision Day 2015

IMG_0431There was a collegiate atmosphere in the halls and even the front office at Copper Hills High on Decision Day 2015. That’s because students, teachers and staff were sporting college jerseys and other attire with logos from institutions of higher education all over the country. Decision Day is just like Signing Day for high school athletes, when students declare where they will pursue post high school sports careers. On Decision Day students declared where they will continue their academic careers after graduation. Counselors at Copper Hills made it a fun day with special treats and games for the seniors who declared their admission to a college or trade school. Sophomores and juniors were also invited to play the games to get them exited about higher education goals. Meantime teachers and office staff proudly wore their own college apparel. Congratulations to all District students who have made a decision to pursue higher education. Enjoy a photo gallery of the Copper Hills event on our Facebook page.

Fun Fact Friday: Impact of Property Tax Equalization (SB97)

We are thankful to lawmakers, especially Senator Aaron Osmond, for taking a proactive approach to education funding statewide. The passing of Senate Bill 97 (SB97) means every child in the State of Utah will be given a guaranteed level of funding no matter which school district they attend.

Here’s what SB97 means for the 2015-16 school year in Jordan School District:

  • An increase of $3.9 million
  • A potential for another $3 million pending a legislative action to clarify funding
  • A capital increase of $113,000
  • A pay increase for all District teachers and staff
  • A state-mandated tax increase of $19 per $100,000 of home value

This bill takes positive steps to address a funding disparity for the education of children statewide. At the end of the day, this bill is not about who wins or who loses, rather it is about making sure every child has a minimum level of funding for education.

Parents and Students Come Together For Welby Family Math Night

Po9LgPRHItabAfdP1Lxo58hmFEp8kkNZX9jmI_ugwqCULSByRPfQGBUzPNuWOc95nclHYEFoSOBeehs=w1359-h579It is an equation that definitely works, bringing students and parents together for a family math night of fun and learning. That’s what happened at Welby Elementary School where parents learned the strategies and terminology of math concepts used for teaching in the classroom. Then parents and their children spent time playing math games that reinforce skills which students will learn as part of the math curriculum. This is a great opportunity for the school to provide parents with resources to help their children at home. It also brings the community together for a night of fun at school. Enjoy a photo gallery of this event on our Facebook page.