Teacher Appreciation Week 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.58.20 AMTo Our Dedicated Educators,

At the conclusion of this Teacher Appreciation Week and on behalf of the Board of Education, I wish to express our appreciation and thanks to all our tremendous educators. We recognize the sacrifices teachers are making to ensure a brighter future for every child, every day. We have been able to witness your increased commitment to personalize your students’ learning as we have visited Professional Learning Communities each Friday throughout this school year. This commitment to raising the bar for our students has not come nor will continue to come without the dedicated and constant vigilant care and oversight by our wonderful educators. Jordan School District’s students will continue to learn at high levels because of the quality, work ethic and integrity of the teachers serving our young people in this part of the valley.

While visiting PLCs, we have heard some very insightful comments as teachers have shared about what they have done to increase student achievement. We also know that many of you share some of the same noble sentiments that are captured below.

  • “Students have choices and my role is to create ways to foster opportunities, to build self worth, and to help students recognize their own strength as they find their way toward achievement and growth.”
  • “We want our students to realize the potential they have to do great things. We want them to learn to believe in themselves, and work to achieve their goals.”
  • “PLCs have helped me to be focused, not my needs, but on my students’ needs. Because of the trust each member of our team has in each other we know that together we can meet our students’ individual needs, fill any learning holes and help each child to achieve at high levels!”

You are extraordinary educators! Not only do you educate the students who come through our doors, but you are committed to educating our parents and our community about the numerous learning opportunities we provide for students. Our JSD educators inspire future generations one student at a time!

Thank you for rising to the challenge and hard work of what it means to educate “every child, every day.” Thank you for your great love of our students and for inspiring all of us to continually learn so that we may “realize our potential and do great things!

With deep gratitude and sincere appreciation,


Insurance Open Enrollment for 2016-17

Insurance open enrollment is June 1 through July 31. Enrollment Packets will not be mailed to your home. Information is available on the District Insurance Department page. Benefit presentations will be held May 17, 3:30-5 p.m., at the ASB or June 1, 5 p.m., at the District office. The Health/ Benefits Fair will be held Wednesday, June 8, 3-5:30 p.m., at the ASB.

Contact the Jordan School District Insurance Office 801-567-8255 or 801-567-8146 if you have any questions.

Big Budah is ‘Lunch Lady for a Day’ at Hayden Peak Elementary

DSCN0007They were serving up lots of laughs as Fox 13’s Big Budah put on a hair net and apron and tried his hand as a lunch lady for a day at Hayden Peak Elementary. Budah learned quickly from lunch manager Sharon Barlow that the proper term for a lunch lady these days is “Advocate for Child Nutrition.” Then he was put to work helping to make lunch, along with homemade fry sauce, but Budah ended up in a time-out for sneaking food and eating on the job. The morning ended with Big Budah serving some students breakfast and leaving the school knowing it is easier to keep his job as a TV funnyman than trying to make it as a beloved lunch lady. Thanks to everyone at Hayden Peak for pitching in to make the morning a success. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.

Bluffdale Students Receive High Marks for Simulated Congressional Hearing

IMG_0479It was an opportunity for Bluffdale students to demonstrate their understanding of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights and they did just that. In the final activity for “We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution,” students participated in a simulated congressional hearing, giving individual speeches about different aspects of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. There were different groups competing like Team Adams, Madison, Washington, Franklin and Jefferson. After the speeches, judges had six minutes to ask the team members questions. This is something students worked very hard on and we couldn’t be more proud of their performances and depth of knowledge. Thanks to the judges, Bluffdale Mayor Derk Timothy, Administrator of Schools Michael Anderson, and Principal Karen Egan who helped to make the simulated hearing a success. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.