Dr. Seuss Festival Teaches Parents Literacy Begins at Birth

Poster with quote about reading to a childHundreds of parents gathered at the Kauri Sue Hamilton School for a night of reading and other activities aimed at children from birth to 5-years-old.

It was a fun and interactive Dr. Seuss Literacy Festival organized by the Childhood Development Center, which serves more than 1,800 children in Salt Lake County. Parents were encouraged to start babies on the road to literacy at birth by reading to them.

Every family received a free book to take home and read with their children. High school  students were part of the evening as well, encouraging families to get excited about a life-long love of reading for their children.

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Police Send Students Powerful Message During Distracted Driving Awareness Week

The Jazz Bear makes a visit to Herriman HighStudents at Herriman High School are getting some stark reminders about the dangers and possible consequences of being a distracted driver.

Unified Police have partnered with Herriman High to bring a car that was demolished in a distracted driving accident to school where it is on display outside in the front of the building all week. During lunch students have the opportunity to put virtual reality headsets on, giving them a personal look at the consequences of distracted driving.

Sgt. Siren, police officers and the Jazz Bear have also been at the school during lunch to get the attention of students and raise awareness of what can happen when anyone drives distracted, impaired, drowsy or without a seat belt.

Thanks to Unified Police for helping send this important and life-saving message to young people.

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Governor Herbert Meets with OHM Students During Bill Signing Ceremony

Governor Herbert meets with students at Oquirrh Hills Middle SchoolIt’s not every day the Governor stops by your school to meet with students and sign some very important education legislation. But that’s what happened at Oquirrh Hills Middle School and students couldn’t have been more excited and proud to host the Governor.

His first stop at the school was to a classroom where students showed off their science and technology skills and where Governor Herbert tried his hand at operating a student-designed robot.

The Governor and Representative Dan McCay then spent time meeting with student body officers from Oquirrh Hills and South Hills Middle and Riverton High to get their feedback on some issues impacting education. The students were also given encouragement and challenged to always be leaders and exercise their right to vote once they turn 18 and be a part of the decision-making process.

Finally, the Governor headed to the auditorium where he signed the education spending bill into law and conducted a ceremonial signing of a teacher evaluation bill and a bullying and hazing bill.

We want to thank the Governor, Representative McCay and everyone involved for making this a fun and important educational experience for students. It is an experience they won’t soon forget.

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Westland Elementary Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week 

Poster with words 'Our Teachers Lift Us Up'Students and parents at Westland Elementary love their teachers. So, this week educators are being honored during Teacher Appreciation Week with an ‘Up’ themed celebration.

The Pixar-animated movie ‘Up’ features an inspiring story about how life’s biggest adventures aren’t the ones you necessarily go after, which all students can take to heart. Thanks to the Westland PTA, a 3-D replica of the ‘Up’ house, as well as representations of some of the main characters from the movie, greet teachers as they walk into school by the main office. A large photo display poster of all the teachers at Westland is prominently displayed and covers an entire hall of the school.

Teachers are being treated each day of the week with different items to show appreciation for their dedication to the school and students. Snacks, drinks, complimentary breakfast and lunches are some of the items teachers receive to show how much the students and parents in the Westland community think of them and their hard work throughout the school year.

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Terra Linda Students Having a Ball with Unique Mind and Body Fitness Program

Students Practicing Drums wth Plastic BallsStudents at Terra Linda Elementary School are having a ball – literally – in a unique program that is putting their mental and physical strength to the test. Terra Linda is a model school for a program taking off across the country called “Drums Alive.” Program founder, Carrie Ekins leads students through a rigorous workout using big rubber balls and drumsticks. The exercises use rhythm and movement to help foster a healthy balance physically, mentally and emotionally. Ekins is also exploring the concept of ‘Brain Breaks’ in classrooms at Terra Linda. That is where students are allowed short breaks after instruction periods to refocus the brain and increase learning. The brain breaks include things like engaging in music, movement and rhythm. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.