Copper Hills High Teacher Wins Prestigious Fellowship

Kyle Jensen CHHSIt is a high honor for any educator who is passionate about United States history and it was bestowed upon one of the best and brightest in Jordan School District. Copper Hills High history teacher Kyle Jensen is the state winner of the James Madison Fellowship. The Fellowship is a prestigious scholarship established in 1986 that  pays for a master’s degree in Constitutional History. Mr. Jensen will spend a summer at Georgetown University pursuing his master’s degree. We are proud to have such an outstanding educator teaching and inspiring young minds in the District.

Unique Auction Saves District Dollars

IMG_5362It’s called a ‘reverse auction’ and it works exactly the way the name implies, saving the District tens of thousands of dollars a year in the purchase of copy paper. In this unique auction the roles of buyer and seller are reversed. For example, as the District looks to find the lowest price on copy paper, it enters an on-line reverse auction where the sellers compete to obtain business from the buyer (the District), and prices decrease as the sellers undercut each other in an effort to win the bid. Jordan School District purchases about 15 truckloads of copy paper a year for a total savings of $56,000. Here is a breakdown in savings because the District takes the time to participate in a reverse auction.

  • State contract price per case of copy paper…….$30.10
  • Jordan’s reverse auction price per case of copy paper…..$25.69
  • TOTAL SAVINGS = $4.50 per case or $56,000 per year!

Board of Education and Cities To Approve Interlocal Agreement

After months of extensive work and collaboration, members of the Board of Education and city leaders have committed to an interlocal agreement. The agreement is designed to increase communication and cooperation among the parties involved. South Jordan and West Jordan have already approved the interlocal agreement, along with the Board of Education. The move is an effort to avoid a District division. Here is the latest local news coverage.

Jordan District Has Top CTE Director in the Nation

A big congratulations to Career and Technical Education Director, Jason Skidmore, for being chosen as the National Administrator of the Year for Career and Technical Education. The award was presented by Family Career and Community Leaders of America, (FCCLA) during the group’s annual conference in San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Skidmore competed against CTE Directors from every state in the nation. He was chosen, in part, for his dedication and support of CTE programs, his encouragement for students and advisors and development of business and industry partnerships. Jason Skidmore has also been nominated to the FCCLA National Board of Directors. We are extremely proud to have Jason Skidmore working with students in Jordan School District. Enjoy a short video of his award presentation.

Board of Education Will Sign Interlocal Agreement to Avoid District Division

Members of the Board of Education have given their unanimous approval supporting an interlocal cooperation agreement with the cities served by the Jordan School District in an effort to stop a district split. A final version of the agreement will be ready for the Board to sign today and then it will be sent to the South Jordan City council for review at its meeting on Wednesday. Here is the Salt Lake Tribune’s report on the agreement.