Comedy Helps Autism Spectrum Students

Improvisation, or “improv” is something you generally see on a stage in a comedy club. Now some District special education teachers are finding incredible success using improv in the classroom. It started as an effort to help students on the autism spectrum at River Edge School feel more comfortable interacting with others and in social situations. The results are astounding as students are opening up and achieving goals.

River’s Edge is the only school of its kind in Utah. It serves students with severe behavioral, social and emotional deficits. The District provides individualized educational programming for elementary, middle and high school students who have experienced challenges in a more traditional setting. The primary goal of River’s Edge is to assist students in learning new behaviors and alternate ways to deal with their emotions, enabling them to become successful in their educational and personal lives. This video shows the remarkable improvement improv is making in the lives of children who have struggled with self-confidence and self-esteem.

Students Practice Bus Safety in District-Wide Training

IMG_5560Elementary school students are starting out the new year with a hands-on lesson in bus safety. During the month of September, transportation officials along with bus drivers, will visit all of the District’s 34 elementary schools to present a short assembly on bus safety. Each assembly will be followed by students going outside to practice getting on and off the bus safely, walking safely between buses and exiting a bus properly in an emergency. This is important training that we hope empowers children to be safe on and around our school buses. Enjoy a photo gallery of this training on our Facebook page.

Welcome Kauri Sue Kindergarten Class of 2014-15

IMG_0248It was a big day at the Kauri Sue Hamilton School as a dozen children arrived, all dressed up, for a nervous, but very exciting first day of school. This is the beginning of a wonderful educational journey for the Kauri Sue Kindergarten class of 2014-15. Many parents were in the classroom to watch as kind and compassionate special education teachers spoke words of encouragement to the children, even wiped away a few tears and offered endless hugs. We are proud of the extraordinary work teachers and staff do at Kauri Sue every day and we’re delighted to have the new kindergarten class off to a successful start. Enjoy a photo gallery of this special day on our Facebook page.

And The 2015 Utah State Teacher of The Year Is…….

2015 Utah Teacher of the Year Finalist Rebecca Wells, Bingham HiThe wait is almost over to find out who will be named the 2015 Utah State Teacher of The Year. On Friday, the Utah State Office of Education will announce the winner at a banquet honoring Utah’s district and charter school teachers in downtown Salt Lake City. Jordan School District is extremely proud to have one of the five finalists in the competition, Rebecca Wells, a math teacher at Bingham High. The winner will receive a check for $10,000 and two runners up will each receive a check for $4,000. Good luck Mrs. Wells, you are already a winner in the minds of students and the District!

Payroll Employees Are Priceless

IMG_5482Please take a little time to say a big thank you to Jordan School District payroll employees as we join the nation in recognizing National Payroll Week which coincides with the Labor Day holiday celebrating the American worker. The District Payroll Department consists of six full-time and 2 part-time employees, responsible for accurately issuing more than 7,000 paychecks a month. They are also quick to offer PayDay peanut candy bars to anyone who stops by to say hi. Thanks payroll for all you do keeping District employees paid on time.